El Filibusterismo Chapter 18 summary

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The group of Ben Zayb, Father Camorra, Father Salvi and others entered the tent of Mr. Leeds to watch his show. Ben Zayb failed to discover any mirrors, which he firmly believed were being used for his tricks.

When the show started, Mr. Leeds presented the audience a handful of ashes and a piece of papyrus all placed inside a box that was being passed around. After uttering the word, Deremof¸ the sphinx appeared out of the box and narrated his story.

He was Imuthis, born in the time of Amasis. He fell in love with the daughter of a priest. But another young prince also desired the girl and so he plotted a rebellion under Imuthis’s name. He was arrested but he escaped. He was finally killed in a chase of Lake Moeris. But he has come back to expose his infamy.

Hearing the story, Father Salvi was shocked collapsed on the floor and revealed that Maria Clara is still alive. When things settled down, Don Custodio suggested to ban the show because it is immoral and wicked. Ben Zayb also concurred but because the show doesn’t use any mirrors. An order came immediately prohibiting the show but Mr. Leeds had already left for Hong Kong.




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