El Filibusterismo Chapter 17 summary

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At the Quiapo Fair, Father Camorra was in seventh-heaven for seeing so many beautiful girls in one place. His only regret is not being the curate of Quiapo. While observing the girls, Ben-Zayb pointed out Paulita Gonzales, who was with Isagani and Dona Victorina. Seeing Paulita, Ben-Zayb had difficulty in dissuading him to follow her.

One of the exhibits at the Quiapo fair was entitled The Country of Abaca. It features two civil guards behind a man who was tightly bound and had his face covered by his hat. Many of the visitors were displeased with the exhibition, and each expressed his own opinion on the rules of art.

And during their lively discussion, they noticed that Simoun was not with them anymore. Father Camorra concluded that he left because he was too stingy to pay the admission into Mr. Leed’s show.




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