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Eddie Garcia

Eddie (right) with a young relative

Eddie Garcia (born Eduardo Verchez García on 2 May 1921 in Sorsogon, Philippines) popularly known as Manoy is a Filipino movie and television actor. He is a former member of the Philippine Scouts in Okinawa during World War II. He made his first movie, Siete Infantes de Lara in 1949.


He is also known to play the part of Leandro Montemayor, the fictional Philippine President on the television drama series, "Kung Mawawala Ka" (When You're Gone), and gave him his first Best Actor in a Drama Series in the 2002 Star Awards.

He also played a part as Lolo Carlos (Grandfather Carlos) in the Filipino-American film, The Debut, and as Lolo Sinat (Grandfather Sinat) in the film, Deathrow.

He is the first Filipino actor Hall of Fame inductee of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.

He is the only performer in Philippine movie history to win three consecutive FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards for Taga sa Bato (1957), Condenado (1958) and Tanikalang Apoy (1959).

He is the most awarded and nominated person in the long history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards. He garnered a total of 34 nominations (13 for Best Supporting Actor, 10 for Best Actor and 11 for Best Director). Out of these, he got 6 Best Supporting Actor wins, 5 Best Actor wins and 5 Best Director wins, 3 Hall of Fame Awards, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award. He was awarded his first FAMAS Award in 1957 and his last FAMAS, a Hall of Fame for Best Actor, in 2003.

The first actor to be inducted in the FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Hall of Fame of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences in 1974.

The Philippine Military Academy Marangal (Honorable) Class of 1974 also adopted him as one of their honorary classmates, alongside First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

He played the role of Markadan of Saladin, a powerful dark magician, in the television fantasy series, Majika.


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