Eddie Fernandez

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Eddie Fernandez was a Filipino action star popular in the 1970s. He was born in 1939. He married Dulce Lucban. Today he is better known as father of singer Pops Fernandez. He made his mark playing James Bond types in films as "When I Am Still Alive" and "Living with Danger." For these roles he was nicknamed "Lagalag" or "Skorpio".

In 1993 Lagalag, a biographical movie, was released. His daughter also starred in it.


• Journey to Hell: The Lucky 9 Commandos (1968)

• Kulay dugo ang gabi (1964) ...aka Blood Drinkers, The (1966) (USA) ...aka Blood Is the Color of Night (1966) (USA) ...aka Color of Night (1966) (USA) ...aka Vampire People, The (1971) (USA: reissue title) (TV title)

• Kumander Dimas (1968)

• Tadyak sa likod (1968)

• Hong Kong 999 (1967)

• Taong labas (1982)

• Magsingdugo (1984)

• Bilango (1982) was his comeback movie.