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Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) was the result of the merger of the former Forest Research Institute (FORI created under P.D. 607) and the National Mangrove Committee of the then Natural Resources Management Center (NRMC) of the former Ministry of Natural Resources. The creation of ERDB is provided under Sec. 17 of Executive Order No. 192 "Providing for the Reorganization of the Department of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, renaming it as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and for other purposes.

The ERDB is DENR's Research and Development (R&D) arm to assist interested parties who need technical or research-based information pertaining to the forest, grassland and degraded areas, upland farms, coastal zone and freshwater areas, and urban ecosystems.

Functions of ERDB

Staff Functions  a. Formulates and recommends an integrated research program relating to Philippine ecosystems and natural resources; b. Assists the Secretary in determining a system of priorities for the allocation of resources to various technological research programs of DENR; c. Provides technical assistance in the implementation and monitoring of research programs; d. Coordinates all technological researches undertaken by all the regional research offices; and e. Assesses and translates all recommendable findings into understandable language and presentation and disseminates these findings to end users and clientele.

Research Functions is to generates technologies and provide technical assistance in research development of technologies relevant to the sustainable use of Philippine ecosystems and natural resources.

Vision is excellence in research and development (R & D) on environment and natural resources (ENR).

Mission is to provide relevant technology and information through research towards sustainability and enhanced productivity of the natural resources and protection of the environment, for the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people.

ERDB is housed in a three-storey building with a floor dimension of 72.5 m x 40.5 m located at UPLB Forestry Campus, College, Laguna. This building houses five main divisions, the administrative and planning offices, the office of the Director and other support units like accounting, budget and auditing offices. Other facilities include laboratories, Los Baños Experiment Station, library and printing unit.


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