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Don Jose de Araneta was born in the province of Gipuzkoa, a Basque region of Spain. He joined the Spanish expedition to the West Indies, Peru and Mexico. During the Manila - Acapulco (Galleon Trade), Jose de Araneta arrived in Manila from Acapulco Mexico.

In 1725, Don Jose Araneta joined the first Spanish expedition forces to Mindanao. A passage quoted from the book,(Islas Filipinas: Mindanao Vol. 11), by Benito Francia and Julian Gonzales Parrado, translated from the Chabacano dialect by Datu Michael Mastura, establishes two facts. First, Don Jose de Araneta served the Spanish Politico-Military Government of Mindanao based at Zamboanga City. Second, he served as interpreter between the Spanish colonial government and the Sultan of Maguindanao, together with Placido Alberto de Saavedra. Another passage from the book revealed that in 1746, Don Jose Araneta was executed in Sulugan, Mindanao nowadays known as Anuling, in Cotabato, Philippines.There are conflicting information drawn from the translations of various documents pertaining to him.

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Personal Facts and Details

ID: I040

Name: Don Jose de Araneta

Sex: Male

Married to Maria Juana Sta.Ana


i. Mathias Araneta  
2. Benito Araneta  
3. Guillermo Araneta 

Birth: 1698 Gipuzkoa, Basque Region Spain

Death: 1746 Cotabato, Mindanao Philippines