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Diariong Tagalog, also referred to as Diyaryong Tagalog, is the first daily newspaper published in native Filipino language. It was also the first bilingual newspaper in the country, with Spanish as the other language used in the medium.



Diariong Tagalog was founded by journalist Marcelo H. Del Pilar, publisher Basilio Teodoro Moran, and writer-publisher Pascual H. Poblete in 2 May 1882 and was funded by Francisco Calvo, a liberal and peninsular treasury official.

Poblete was the editor of Tagalog section, while Del Pilar for the Spanish section.

Diariong Taglog became the first publication to publish the ideologies aiming to reform the Spanish-run government and publicly denounced the maladministration of both the Spaniards and friars, whom he considered mainly responsible for the oppression of the Filipinos during that time.

The publication lasted for only five months since its first issue published on 1 July 1882.


Amor Patrio

Jose Rizal contributed for Diariong Tagalog. He wrote the Spanish-language nationalistic essay Amor Patrio (Beloved Homeland) using his pen name Laong Laan. Rizal send it to his friend Moran. Del Pilar translated it on Tagalog and it appeared on the 20 August 1882.

The article caused sensation among the readers. The editors were so impressed that Calvo requested Rizal to contribute more articles.

In return, Rizal wrote his second article for the daily titled Los Viajes. (The Trips)

Father of Diariong Tagalog

Even if Del Pilar was mainly given credit for being the founder, Poblete was dubbed as the “Father of Diariong Tagalog.” (Ama ng Diyaryong Tagalog).




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