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Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) was established in June 1973 and its mandate has been to assist in the country’s development efforts in two ways: as change catalyst and as capacity-builder. Remaining constantly focused on this two-fold mission, it has assisted in shaping new government policies, crafting innovative development programs, and modernizing the management of government agencies and private enterprises. This institution which is located at Pasig and Tagaytay City has focused on approaches to national development for three decades now.



We are a World Class National Development and Productivity Organization. We exist to:

build capacities and partnerships among the key sectors of Philippine society; generate innovative, value-adding, and synergistic solutions to national and local concerns; and join hands with the international community in promoting sustainable human development and global competitiveness.

Development Approach

The Academy is committed to harnessing the knowledge, resources and capabilities of the organization as well as those of other institutions it can mobilize, for the liberation of depressed and backward sectors and the development of these into empowered, prosperous and sustainable communities.

Technical Services

DAP offers training and education, technical assistance, consultancy, research, advocacy, and publications in the areas of governance, productivity and quality, and management.


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