Datu Sumakwel

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Datu Sumakwel became the head of the Bornean datus upon the return of Datu Puti to Borneo. He decided to venture to the mountains in search of a local deity named Bulalakaw, and so left his belongings to Gurung-gurung, his vassal. But the latter turned out to be having a secret love affair with Sumakwel's wife, Kapinangan. Discovering this, Sumakwel pretended to be venturing out but actually hid himself in the ceiling of their house. He speared Gurung-gurung, who died instantly. Kapinangan, not big enough to carry the dead man's body, mutilated it, not knowing her act was witnessed by Sumakwel. The next day, Sumakwel returned, bringing fishes which he asked his wife to cut and prepare. His wife refused to do an “alipin” task, and Sumakwel remarked that he knew how well Kapinangan could butcher a man, which left his wife aghast.



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