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Damortis is a 1986 drama movie which was directed by Briccio Santos. A fascinating psychological drama, the film is an occult story about a faith healer who is seduced by greed.



Miguel, an ex-seminarian, accidentally discovers that he has healing powers. Together with his wife, Anna, he establishes a profitable faith-healing practice in the rural town of Damortis. Soon, he and his wife own a beautiful house full of expensive appliances. Miguel eventually hires Lando as an apprentice. From the beginning, however, Lando's intentions are questionable. Lando becomes even more popular than Miguel, who becomes trapped in his materialistic lifestyle. Miguel's practice in psychic healing slowly disappears and, in a series of reverses, he lands in jail. Lando now has the practice and the wife to himself, yet Anna proves that she has a mind and will of her own.


Damortis was not widely seen, but was screened at the Mannheim Film Festival in Germany and at the Amiens Film Festival in France. It was also featured at the 1987 Asian American International Film Festival, which was held in New York City.




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