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The cutest PBA players refer to basketball players from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) who gained fame and recognition because of two things - their basketball skills and their good looks. Although it is already a given that most, if not all, of these players possess the necessary athleticism and basketball needed in the sport, their popularity among female fans - as well as some male fans - transcends their on-court abilities.

To basketball purists, a player's basketball skills count. Period. To them, good looks have nothing to do with winning games and championship trophies. However, it cannot be denied that the screams, the adulation of the fans, and the mob that always troop to the venues -- in reality -- could also be attributed to the presence of players who are physically attractive. Whether basketball experts agree or not, the so-called "cute players" actually add spice and excitement to an already popular league like the PBA.

Questions on cuteness

Branding certain basketball players as cute is as subjective as naming one's favorite player or team. Definitely, there could never be a general standard that is applicable to all fans. Should we consider a player with a fair skin cute? Should morenos be called cute? How about somebody with a long hair? Are bald players excluded? How about if a player is handsome? And what is the difference between a handsome player and a cute player? Should there be a difference? These questions - and other similar questions - will never end. And in reality, such questions will never be answered with a degree of authority or certainty.

List of cutest hardcourt heroes

As mentioned, this topic is particularly contentious and subjective. And this list could be purged or could reach kilometric proportions, depending on your contributions. Initially, the following - arranged in alphabetical order - could be considered among the "cutest" PBA players, for obvious reasons - especially to their swooning fans.



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