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Combatron is a fictional character created by Berlin Manalaysay for Pilipino Funny Komiks, a weekly Filipino comics released by Islas Filipinas Publishing. His allies included cyborgs Metalika, Axel, Death Metal, Askal and Dobbernaut, and human General Kipper.


Fictional biography


Combatron was originally an alien warrior form the fictional planet Omnicron. In one of his battles with his mortal enemy, Abodawn, he was critically wounded and escaped by the help of his trusted ally and robotic dog, Askal.

The crash landing was witnessed by the orphaned Empoy, who at that moment, was visiting his parents’ grave. Upon inspecting ship, the elder Combatron determined that Empoy was worthy of becoming his successor. In an instant, the boy was transformed into Combatron.

It was later on revealed that Empoy was actually the son of the original Combatron, who years before left the Omnicron because he was against the nuclear testing being done on the planet. He arrived on Earth and settled down but the Omnicrons abducted both of them. His wife, Empoy's mother, was killed when the space warriors attacked their base. He took up arms but was betrayed by Alchitran. He fled the scene and looked for Empoy as his successor.

Early Adventures

Combatron first fight was against the five space warrior, which formed the giant robot Baragasor. The objective of the group was prepare the invasion of the planet. Combatron easily defeated Baragasor.

He waged the fight against the space warriors with only Askal as his ally. Unfortunately, Askal was destroyed by Diaconda. Another mechanical robot, Dobbernaut eventually took Askal’s place. Dobbernaut was also instrumental in leading Combatron to his other allies Axel and Metalika. The trio became a formidable team against Abodawn and his space warriors. During the fight against Tetab, General Kipper sacrificed his life in order to save the three.

Death Metal

While Alchitran was floating in space after Abodawn destroyed him, he was transformed to the indestructible Death Metal after a comet hit him. It was later revealed that his life source was still in his original body hence, became indestructible. He was then able to create his own minions, Hellvetica, Quietus and Bracagon. Death Metal became the enemy of both Abodawn and Combatron. But Abodawn was quickly disposed of and upon arriving on Earth, wage to battle against Combatron, Axel and Metalica. The combined powers of the three proved no match for Death Metal, but Combatron used the vortex he was previously sucked into during the battle with Caligula and entrapped Death Metal temporarily.

The group used this moment to repair themselves. At this point, Combatron’s battle armor received an upgrade. Metalica and Dobbernaut travelled to space in search of the comet where Alchitran’s body was hidden. But unfortunately for Metalica, he was captured by Mega Death, who was still in his planet form. At this point, the battle between Combatron and Death Metal was even. Combatron’s upgrade prove to be evenly matched against the powers of Death Metal.

However, towards the end of their battle, the two were teleported by a strange light which led them straight to Mega Death. Mega Death wished both of them to bow before him and acknowledge him as their Lord. Combatron and Death Metal both refused and it was decided that they would work together and defeat him.

Mega Death


Space Warriors

  • Baragasor
  • Caligulus
  • Mauicus
  • Dakhro
  • Diaconda
  • Robot Hunter Caligun
  • Bogus
  • Abodawn – leader of the Space Warriors
  • Baracasor
  • Bulolicus
  • Komikus (before he joined Combatron)

Death Metal

  • Death Metal (formerly Alchitran)
  • Hellvetica
  • Quietus
  • Bracagon

Mega Death

  • Mega Death
  • Genocide (formerly Quietus)
  • Evola (formerly Hellvetica)
  • Baal
  • Renjardus

Powers and abilities

Combatron possess an array of powers and abilities that were regarded as some of the most powerful in the universe.

  • Omega Laser
  • Nuclear Eye Beam
  • Space Thunder
  • Teleporter Punch
  • Galactic Phonix (after the upgrade)
  • Galactic Space Strike


  • Combatron foot blade
  • Combatron hip disc
  • Galactic space sword




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