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Directed by Jon Stefan Ballesteros
Produced by Wild Coyote Pictures
Written by Jobin Ballesteros
Diana Malahay
Jerry Gracio
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Music by
Cinematography Anthon Tarnate
Editing by Jon Steffan Ballesteros
Distributed by
Release date(s) 2009
Running time
Country [[Image:{{
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}}|border|Flag of the Philippines]]Philippines

Language English
Gross revenue
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Colorum is a full-length independent film directed by Jon Steffan Ballesteros. The film won the Special Jury Award in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival, a yearly competition and festival of independent films and cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers and aspirants. It also won Best Actor award for Lou Veloso.



The film tells a story that revolves around two people. Simon a promising young cop working part-time as a driver of one of the many “undocumented” and ‘illegal’ FX taxis in the metro. And Pedro, a 70 year old ex-convict. An unfortunate incident forces the two together to embark on a road trip across the Historic Philippine East Coast.

But, what was expected as an escape route doomed to be a domino of crime begetting crime, becomes a wagon of life choices to them and to the people they meet. The film takes a look at the paradox of the human condition, and the “grayscale” morality that is today’s Philippines.

Production Staff

  • Director: Jon Steffan Ballesteros
  • Producer: Wild Coyote Pictures
  • Line Producer: Krisma Maclang Fajardo
  • Cinematographer: Anthon Tarnate
  • Additional Cinematography: Lawrence Fajardo, Jobin Ballesteros, Arnold Cao, Marcial Tarnate
  • Story: Jobin Ballesteros
  • Screenplay: Jobin Ballesteros, Diana Malahay, Jerry Gracio
  • Assistant Director: Lawrence Fajardo
  • 2nd Assistant Director / Script Cont.: Diana Malahay
  • Production Design: Cisko Sebanes, Self-Service Crew
  • Production Managers: Endi "Hai" Balbuena, RC Santos
  • Technical Supervisor: Arnold Cao
  • Soundman: Benedict Escondo
  • Gaffer: Erwin Altezo
  • Art Directors: Bong Bedes, RC Santos, Christian Parado
  • Wardrobe Supervisors: RC Santos, Christian Parado
  • Production Assistants: Alfred Perez, Christopher Jaucian, Francis Danielle Fajardo, Ellis Medrano
  • Production Drivers: Michael Mendoza, Rey Paraiso
  • Post-Production: Wild Coyote Pictures
  • Editor: Jon Steffan Ballesteros




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