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Cinemalaya 13.jpg

The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2017, popularly referred to as Cinemalaya 2017, is an all-digital film festival and competition aiming to promote, encourage, and honor the cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers who present bold, fresh, artistic insights on the lives of the Filipinos.

It is a project of the Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc., Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Film Development Council of the Philippines, and Econolink Investments, Inc.

For its 13th year, it will continue to showcase once more new and/or emerging film talents from August 4 to 13 at CCP. This year’s theme, “See the Big Picture”, serves as a challenge to both the government and theater owners to get behind the film festival and support and promote independent and short films.

The festival will also pay tribute to director Gil Portes by screening three of his best films: “Mulanay” (1996); “Mga Munting Tinig” (2002); and “Two Funerals” (2010) and Lolita Rodriguez, one of the greatest actresses of Philippine Cinema.

Aside from its full-length and short-film categories, Cinemalaya will have the ff.: Panoptika, documentary section; Festival’s Best, the best films from other film festivals; Indie Nation, a section of independent films; Asian Showcase, award-winning Asian and Netpac films; “Outdoor Screening”; Animahenasyon, best of animation films; and the Cinemalaya Institute showcase.

Cinemalaya Campus will take place at the CCP Little Theater.

Competing films will be shown at PHP 150 per head. Festival passes and discounts are available only for CCP screenings. Tickets are discounted at 50 percent for students and 20 for senior citizens and government and military personnel.

Awards night will be on August 13 at CCP Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theater).


Cinemalaya 2017 Competition Finalists

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha.jpg
  • Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha
    • Director: Mes de Guzman
    • Main Cast: Sharon Cuneta
    • Production:
      • Writer: Mes de Guzman
      • Editor: Mes de Guzman
      • Cinematographer: Marvin Reyes
      • Sound: Marc Laccay
      • Musical Score: Danny Tiongson
      • Production Design: Arthur Maningas
    • Synopsis: Cora is desperate to complete her broken family at all costs. She utilizes all her resources, time and wealth to search for the “family that doesn’t weep” who is believed to have the superpower to bring back lost loved ones.

Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magbasa.jpg
  • Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magbasa
    • Director: Perry Escaño
    • Main Cast: Alfred Vargas, Mon Confiado, James Blanco, Miggs Cuaderno, Micko Laurente, Marc Justin Alvarez
    • Credits:
      • Writer: Perry Escaño
      • Editor: Roberto Reyes Ang
      • Cinematographer: Steven Flor and Randy Cura
      • Sound: John Anthony Wong
      • Musical Score: Emerson Texzon
      • Production Design: Hai Balbuena
    • Synopsis: Volunteer teachers from the city are afraid to teach in far-flung barrios because of the threat of the on-going war between the military and the rebels. Aaquil, a farmer, is prompted to assume the work of the educator in their community. His students are unaware that he is actually illiterate.

  • Baconaua
    • Main Cast: Elora Españo, Teri Malvar, JM Salvado, Bembol Roco
    • Credits:
      • Director: Joseph Israel Laban
      • Story: Joseph Israel Laban
      • Writers: Joseph Israel Laban, Denise O' Hara
      • Executive Producer: Katrina C. Ponce Enrile
      • Producers: Nicole Runi, Sara Santiago, Derick Cabrido
      • Co Producers: Jedd Dumaguina, TM Malones
      • Line Producer: Bong E. Salvejos
      • Supervising Producer: Sara Santiago
      • Associate Producers: Princess Gatmaitan, Ariel Bacol
      • 1st Assistant Director: Sheryl Rose M. Andes
      • 2nd Assistant Director: Patricia Salic
      • DOP: TM Malones
      • Production Designer: Marielle Hizon
      • Editors: Benjamin Tolentino, Cyril Bautista
    • Synopsis: Divina lives in a sleepy island village in Southern Tagalog. She mulls whether to have her father officially declared dead after missing at sea three months ago amidst the different things happening around her.

  • Bagahe
    • Director: Zig Dulay
    • Main Cast: Angeli Bayani
    • Credits:
      • Writer: Zig Dulay
      • Editor: Zig Dulay
      • Cinematographer: Albert Banzon
      • Sound: Andrew Milallos
      • Musical Score: Gian Gianan
      • Production Design: Aped Santos
      • Synopsis: Mercy is an OFW who is being investigated because she is suspected of abandoning a newborn child in a trash bin of an airplane toilet.

Kiko Boksingero.jpg
  • Kiko Boksingero
    • Director: Thop Nazareno
    • Main Cast: Noel Comia Jr., Yayo Aguila, Yul Servo
    • Credits:
      • Writer: Denise O’Hara and Ash Malanum
      • Editor: Thop Nazareno
      • Cinematographer: Marvin Reyes
      • Music: Pepe Manikan
      • Production Design: Ericson Navarro
      • Synopsis: Kiko is an 11-year-old boy who has recently lost his mother. He was left alone with his nanny Diday. He tries to reconnect with his estranged father George, a has-been boxer. To fill the gap of the time lost, George and Kiko bond through their shared love for boxing.

  • Nabubulok
    • Director: Sonny Calvento
    • Main Cast: Gina Alajar, JC Santos, Billy Ray Galleon
    • Credits:
      • Writer: Sonny Calvento
      • Editor: Cyril Bautista
      • Cinematographer: Neil Daza
      • Sound: Mikko Quizon
      • Musical Score: Teresa Barrozo
      • Production Design: Marxie Maolen Fadul
      • Synopsis: Luna went missing. Her husband, Jason Harper, is suspected of killing her. Jason intends to leave the country but circumstances conspire to avert his plan.

  • Requited
    • Director: Nerissa Picadizo
    • Main Cast: Jake Cuenca, Anna Luna
    • Credits:
      • Writer: Nerissa Picadizo
      • Cinematographer: Jeyow Evangelista
      • Sound: Raffy Magsaysay
      • Musical Score: Chi Capulong
      • Production Design: Eero Francisco
    • Synopsis: Matt, who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, journeys to fulfill his ultimate goal of biking all the way from Manila to Mount Pinatubo. He soon encounters Anna, who he wants to be with, along the way.

  • Respeto
    • Director: Treb Monteras II
    • Main Cast: Loonie, Abra
    • Credits:
      • Writers: Njel de Mesa and Alberto Monteras II
      • Editor: Lawrence Ang
      • Cinematographer: Ike Avellana
      • Sound: Andrew Milallos
      • Musical Score: Jay Oliver Durias
      • Production Design: Popo Diaz
    • Synopsis: Amidst the effects of poverty that is evident around him, Hendrix dreams of becoming a rapper. However, he needs a seasoned poet Doc, to help him find the right words to penetrate the hiphop world.

Sa Gabing Nananahimik ang mga Kuliglig.jpg
  • Sa Gabing Nananahimik ang mga Kuliglig
    • Director: Iar Lionel Arondaing
    • Main Cast: Angel Aquino, Jake Macapagal, Jess Mendoza, Anthony Falcon, Ricky Davao, Sam Quintana, Mercedes Cabral, Mark Dionisio
    • Credits:
      • Director/Screenplay: Iar Lionel B. Arondaing
      • Line Producer/Executive Producer: Minda Monica Ponce Rodriguez
      • Casting Director: Ricky Gallardo
      • Associate Producer/Production Manager: Mai Han;
      • Assistant Director: Ma. Cristina Velasco
      • Script Supervisor: Mary Stephanie S. Brocka
      • DOP/Editor: Maevelyn Calapardo
      • Camera Operator 2: Sheiglyn Encelan;
      • Gaffer: Danilo H. Viray
      • Audioman: Christian Paul De Los Santos
      • Production Design: Jan Paul “BabaLove” Rodriguez
      • Production Assistant: Rey Perucho
      • Wardrobe: Eivy Lavalle, Alyssa Solas
      • AC: James Bob Cardona, Maurice Roxaz
      • Electrician: Rimby Gonzales
      • Key Grip: Arvin Manalang Salvador
      • Location Manager: Ronald Palay
      • Local Coordinator (CUYO): Ramil Ceralbo
    • Synopsis: Magda confesses to Father Romi and altay boy Nonoy that she has committed a murder after she found out that her husband and her friend have an adulterous relationship. Father Romi and Nonoy then find themselves in a predicament. They are torn between following the Seal of the Confessional and finding a way to deliver justice. They carry the weight of Magda’s sins.

Short Feature Category

Shorts A.jpg
  • Lola Loleng by Jean Cheryl Tagyamon
    • A young woman goes back to her province where she meets her grandmother Loleng – a distant relative and a senile parol (Christmas lantern) artisan. Together, they will explore Loleng’s landscape of memories, only to unearth her innermost secrets and wartime experiences.
  • Sorry for the Inconvenience by Carl Adrian Chavez
    • A father policeman and his son lives in a society where cheap lives are summarized in cardboards. He teaches his son how to get away with his crime.
  • Islabodan by Juan Carlo Tarobal
    • Caloy is a lone apathetic plastic bottle collector. He gets caught in the middle of two warring gangs which changes his life forever.
  • Manong ng Pa-aling by E Del Mundo
    • Manong spent 65 years of his life as a fisherman. He contemplates on what he wants to do next and where he belongs.
  • Aliens Ata by Karl Glenn Barit
    • Two brothers deal with the sudden loss of their father and an eventual separation with their overseas-filipino-worker mother. As some things are hard to grasp, they look at the skies for answers.
  • Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25 by Carlos Francisco Manatad
    • Set during the launch of the first space shuttle of the Philippines, an ordinary old couple who lives in the suburbs attempts to go about their life during this strange day.

Shorts B.jpg
  • Bawod (Bent) by TM Malones
    • 12-year old Thirdy lives in a small rural village in the mountains of Iloilo. On the eve of her school's annual Talent Show, she has to deal with the realities of her difficult financial situation and ominous visions of a ghotly man.
  • Hilom by P.R. Patindol
    • Twin brothers Andres and Gael live in a fishing village that has been ravaged by a strong typhoon. They try to find healing against the harsh landscape of an island that is also trying to recover.
  • Juana and the Sacred Shores by Antonne Santiago
    • Juana is a beautiful maiden who lives peacefully in her island. While dancing in the middle of the sea, she sees how vast the waters are and realizes that she is alone. To satisfy her longing, she does a ritual and prays for a companion. A man arrives.
  • Maria by JP Habac
    • While the family of a 14-year old girl confronted her because of a suspected pregnancy, a 50-year old woman gives birth to her 22nd child.
  • Nakauwi Na by Marvin Cabangunay and Jaynus Olaivar
    • Mang Jerry finds ways to get his son out of the funeral home. His son was a victim of extra judicial killings.
  • NAKAW by Arvin Belarmino and Noel Escondo
    • 10-year old boy Bateng stole and elderly woman’s wallet. This starts a series of events that will change the lives of five people forever.

Festival’s Best

Festival's Best.jpg
  • Women of the Weeping River (QCinema 2016 Best Picture and Gawad Urian 2017 Best Picture) by Sheron Dayoc
  • Tu Pug Imatuy (The Right To Kill) (Sinag Maynila 2017 Best Picture) by Arbi Barbarona
  • Sunday Beauty Queen (MMFF 2016 Best Picture) by Babyruth Villarama
  • 2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten (Cinema One Originals 2016 Best Picture) by Petersen Vargas
  • Pauwi Na (Shanghai International Film Festival 2017 Best Picture) by Paolo Villaluna
  • High Tide (TOFARM Film Festival 2017 Best Picture) by Tara Illenberger

Indie Nation

Indie Nation.jpg
  • Alipato by Khavn Dela Cruz
  • Best Partee Ever by Howard Yambao
  • Bhoy Instik by Joel Lamangan
  • Area by Luisito Ignacio
  • Baka Bukas by Samantha Lee
  • Maestra by Lemuel Lorca
  • Bliss by Jerrold Tarog
  • Tisay by Alfonso Torre III
  • Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2 by Marlon Rivera
  • Kabisera by Arturo San Agustin and Real Florido
  • Vince Kath & James by Theodore Boborol
  • Oro by Alvin Yapan
  • Die Beautiful by Jun Robles Lana
  • Mrs. by Adolfo Alix Jr.
  • What Home Feels Like by Joseph Abello
  • Patay na si Hesus by Victor Villanueva
  • Instalado by Jason Paul Laxamana


  • Forbidden Memory by Gutierrez Mangansakan, II
  • The Apology by Tiffany Hsiung
  • Beyond the Block by Ricky Carranza

Digital Classics

Digital Classics.jpg
  • Kasal? (1980) by Laurice Guillen (written by Mario O’Hara)
    • Starring Christopher De Leon, Hilda Koronel, Jay Ilagan, Gloria Romero, Chanda Romero, Johnny Wilson
  • Hihintayin Kita sa Langit (1991) by Carlos Siguion-Reyna
    • Starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, with Michael De Mesa, Eric Quizon, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jose Mari Avellana, Vangie Labalan, Jomari Yllana
  • Kakaba-Kaba Ka Ba? (1980) by Mike de Leon
    • Starring Christopher De Leon, Charo Santos, Jay Ilagan, Johnny Delgado, Sandy Andolong, Armida Siguion-Reyna

Visions of Asia

Visions of Asia.jpg
  • Asian Threefold Mirror 2016: Reflections (Philippines, Japan, Cambodia) by Brillante Mendoza, Isao Yukisada, Sotho Kulikar
    • Shiniuma Dead Horse by Brillante Mendoza (Philippines)
      • Synopsis: An illegal Filipino immigrant, who works as a stable hand at a ranch in Hokkaido, gets deported back to his home country.
    • Pigeon by Isao Yukisada (Japan)
      • Synopsis: A lonely old man, who reminisces distant memories of the Pacific War, is not in good terms with his son and their helper.
    • Beyond the Bridge by Sotho Kulikar (Cambodia)
      • Synopsis: The film connects Cambodia and Japan through times of civil war to reconstruction. It also includes a rare documentary footage of the civil war.
  • Singing in Graveyards (Malaysia, Philippines) by Bradley Liew
    • Pepe is a 68-year old impersonator of a Filipino rock legend. He lives on the borders of reality, imagination and mysticism. He is finally given the chance to open for the rock legend’s concert, however he must write a love song first.
  • Above it All (Laos) by Anysay Keola
    • Synopsis: Noy is a medical graduate who is pressured by his parents to marry his girlfriend. He really wants to come out and tell the truth about his sexual preference.
  • Please Remember Me (China) by Zhao Qing
    • Synopsis: 88-year old Feng and 87-year old Lou practice Tai Chi together everyday. Lou, who has Alzheimer’s disease, has forgotten almost everyone else but firmly believes that Feng is the one she is going to spend the rest of her life with.
  • Turah (Indonesia) by Wicaksono Winsu Legewo
    • Synopsis: The residents of Kampung Tirang live in dilapidated shacks and earn just enought for their next meal. Turah was assigned by the cooperative leader to tend to complaints or settle conflicts that arise in the village. Peace is disrupted when the alcoholic Jadag starts to question the governance of the area.
  • Poolsideman (Japan) by Hirobumi Watanabe
    • Synopsis: Yusuke Mizuhara lives in a suburb north of Tokyo. He works as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. He leads a lonely and monotonous life until one day when he goes to another pool as a replacement guard.
  • A Gift (Thailand) by Chayanop Boonprakob and Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn/ Nithiwat Tharatorn/ Jira Maligool
    • Synopsis: The film tells the story of six people who are trying to overcome life’s challenges. Depicted in three stories, “A Gift” honors the King’s musical compositions highlighting his songs within a cinematic symphony of romance, soul-searching drama and heartwarming humor.
  • The Painter’s View (Korea) by Kim Hee Chul
    • Synopsis: A painter moved from Busan to Jeju during the Korean war. He and his family kept life going by receiving food rations as he draws pictures of neighbors in return for their help. He soon became a lonely refugee when his wife and children left him.

Tribute to Lolita Rodriguez and Gil Portes

Tribute to Rodriguez and Portes.jpg
  • Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (1974) by Lino Brocka
  • Stardoom (1971) by Lino Brocka
  • Lucia (1992) by Mel Chionglo
  • Mulanay (1996) by Gil Portes
  • Mga Mumunting Tinig (2002) by Gil Portes
  • Two Funerals (Cinemalaya 2010) by Gil Portes




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