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Ian Tayao: Vocals

Paolo "8" Toleran: Guitars

Enzo Ruidera: Guitars

Biboy Garcia: DJ

Tuts Calinawan: Bass

CJ Olaguera: Percussions

robert de la cruz


Brief History:

1994. Queso started out using the name Cheese. It all began as something to do after classes. Enzo Ruidera, 2ts Calinawan and Pow Rosal were schoolmates and decided to form a band. Eventually things got serious and they were winning battle of bands left and right. The kids thought this might lead somewhere and eventually got Ian Tayao, cousin to Pow Rosal to take on vocal duties. At the time both parties were starting to write original songs. So by the time they were ready to play they were already playing original songs in a time were playing covers was the cool thing. Landing regular gigs at hot spots back then like Club Dredd and Yosh café, they steadily got noticed and slowly earned a following. CJ Olaguera who was constantly with the band eventually learned to play percussions and was a logical addition to the band because he was already always there anyway and he added new texture to the sound of the band. By the time, they were regulars at a number of bars and clubs. 8 Toleran, a neighbor and former guitarist of the band Piranha asked Ian if he could auditon and join the band. As fate would have it, the band was actually looking for another guitar player. He fit in perfectly and he was in like that. RT de Ano, is another friend of the band and a dj. He was another logical choice to be absorbed into the band because he was always there anyways and the idea of having a dj in the band was shared by all of the members. By 1997, the band release and sold a two-song demo, the songs “Fine” and “The Way” were in it. Five thousand copies was sold out in a week. “Fine” eventually garnered airplay on NU107 and eventually hit the charts. The band was signed by Warner Music Philippines. 1998, the self-titled debut album “Cheese” was released. Critics and fans alike received it beautifully. The singles “10xkarma” and “Fine” climbed the charts and the band was nominated on a number of categories at the ’99 NU107 Rock Awards. Maly Andres, the producer of the album won “Producer of the Year” for his work on that album. The album went on to win an Awit Award for for Rom Villaseran’s work on the album cover layout. The band went on to a successful tour of the album, even going to Korea to represent the Philippines in the 2000 Pusan Rock Festival. After touring and playing provinces, special events, clubs and bars. The band went on to write new materials. Biboy Garcia who went on to record with the band on their sophomore effort replaced RT de Ano. 2001 saw the release of Cheese’s second effort entitled “Pilipinas”. The album was critically acclaimed, named “the richest rock release of that year”. The album went on to win “Vocalist of the year”, “People’s Choice Award” and “Album of the Year” in the 2001 NU107 Rock awards. The band went on to tour the new album, successfully. 2003, Queso officially announced that they were changing their name to Queso from Cheese because that is what the kids were calling them and it was only logical. That same year drummer Pow Rosal was replaced by drummer Robert dela Cruz. Robert came in to continue touring the album all throughout the country. 2004, the band goes back to the studio to write new materials. 2005, Queso releases a DVD documentary about the band, members and their exploits. A year after, 2006, the band finishes recording and releases their latest self-titled effort “Queso”. Again, locked and loaded, the band is poised yet again to smash barriers and open minds with their “don’t give a f*ck” attitude and music. The band regularly plays school events, clubs and bars, special events and personally organized concerts or events by the band themselves.


  • Cheese/Warner Music (1998)
  • Pilipinas/Warner Music (2002)
  • Queso/EMI (2006)

Singles/Music Videos:

  • Mottaka
  • Enes
  • tiamat
  • insekta

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