Chapel Of The Most Blessed Sacrament

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The Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament also known as the MBS Chapel is the main chapel of the De La Salle University-Manila. It is situated at the second floor of the southern most wing of the oldest building of the university, the St. La Salle Hall.



The Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament was designed and created by Tomas Mapua, the founding father of the Mapua Institute of Technology and the first registered architect in the Philippines. The unique, neoclassical building was constructed in 1930 and was finally completed on November 17, 1939. It was inaugurated by former president Manuel L. Quezon and his wife Aurora. The pews were made of solid narra and are marked by the Signum Fidei Star (the symbol of the La Salle Brothers).

February 12, 1945 Massacre

The Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament was used as a refuge during World War II. Due to the thick walls and the enormous structure of the building, drunk retreating Japanese soldiers thought it can fully protect them from direct hit. In result, they mercilessly massacred several civilians staying inside the chapel at the time. The unfortunate civilians are as follows:

Members of the Christian Brothers

  • Egbert Xavier
  • Flavius Leo
  • Alemond Lucian
  • Baptist de La Salle Janos
  • Adolf Gebhard
  • Berthwin Philibert
  • Arkadius Maria
  • Friedbert Johannes
  • Gerfried Joseph
  • Lambert Romanus
  • Mutwald William
  • Paternus Paul
  • Romuald Sixtus
  • Hartman Hubert
  • Maximin Maria
  • Victorinus Heinrich

Members of the Carlos Family

  • Jose Carlos
  • Juanita CArlos
  • Asela Carlos
  • Cecilia Carlos
  • Antonio Carlos
  • Mateo

Members of the Cojuangco Family

  • Antonio Cojuangco, MD
  • Victoria Uychuico Cojuangco
  • Natividad de las Alas Cojuangco
  • Antonio Cojuangco
  • Ricardo Bartolome
  • Carlos
  • Apolinario

Members of the Aquino Family

  • Trinidad Cojuangco Aquino

The Uychuico Family

  • Clemente Uychuico, MD
  • Ramon Uychuico

Members of the Vazquez Prada Family

  • Enrique Vazquez Prada I
  • Helen Loewinsohn Vazquez Prada
  • Enrique Vazquez Prada II
  • Herman Vazquez Prada
  • Alfonso Vazquez Prada
  • Armenia

The Employees of the College

  • Anselmo Sudlan
  • Pamphilo Almodan
  • Ceferino Villamor

Post War Renovation

After World War II, the MBS chapel was renovated. After it was fully restored, it was blessed by the Archbishop O'Doherty and was officially inaugurated on December 20, 1947.

In 2000, the De La Salle Alumni Association donated four million pesos for the chapel's refurbishment.




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