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The Change Politics Movement (CPM) is a citizens’ movement which seeks to organize a reform constituency which is determined to assert power to choose national and local leaders in order to have a significant impact in Philippine elections. The movement will undertake a process of selecting change politics candidates through a vote among all its members, afterwhich it will actively campaign for chosen candidates in the upcoming 2010 elections.


Guided by Transparency and Honesty

CPM believes in the practice of politics guided by the principles of transparency and honesty, protection of and respect for human rights, service to the people and the public good, democracy and civic engagement, solidarity and the common good, the right to self determination and equal rights of the poor and the marginalized, and protection of the national patrimony and sovereignty.

A political movement

The Movement is not a political party; it is a trans-partisan organization. CPM is not a campaign machinery for any candidate nor a campaign movement for the 2010 elections. While CPM will identify candidates that meet its criteria for Change Politics through a participatory and deliberative process, and will actively support the campaign these selected candidates for the 2010 elections, CPM is not bound to any political party and is not limited to the 2010 elections.


CPM initiate activities such as:

  • Check the voters’ registration list with COMELEC City/ Municipal Election Officers
  • Monitor the status/progress of and support the continuing voters’ registration in your town/city
  • Ask the COMELEC Election Officers to conduct intensive education/information drive about the automated polls now, and not wait for January 10, 2010
  • Organize and declare barangays into vote-buying free zones by identifying and mapping vulnerable areas/barangay to vote buying
  • Educate individuals, families, friends, neighbors and colleagues on active citizenship and accountable leadership.
  • Conduct “ramdam” surveys, getting a feel of the community, seeing who can effectively represent change politics in your community starting with the members of the CPM but also reaching out to others




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