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The Center for Industrial Competitiveness (CIC) is an agency attached to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It is designed to assist and provide private and public organizations and industries programs and assistance to grow, evolve and compete in the global market. It also provides learning modules geared to specific managerial concerns to help train and develop leadership skills.



The CIC offers different modules geared to address different aspects and concerns of the various industries and its organizational chart. It focuses on providing training regarding Human Relations, Management Development, Quality and Productivity and Achievement Motivation Training. It also offers other modules geared to address other topics not covered by the aforementioned modules.

Human Relations

Human Relations modules focus on partnership and team building skills between management and the workers. Filipino values are incorporated into management handling to encourage workers and employees to be more pro active and productive.

Management Development

This module is geared to train and equip management level employees the necessary skills to effectively lead and manage the company and its employees. Leaderships skills, supervisory skills, strategy formulation and vision planning are some of the things developed in the participants. Proper communication skills are taught, as well as how to conduct meetings, how to formulate a mission statement and vision for the company and how to execute these things.

Quality and Productivity

The ultimate result of an effective management and a strong relationship between management and its employees is the increased quality and productivity of the company. Problem solving skills regarding quality control are taught, as well as basics in proper housekeeping policies that should be enforced to ensure quality and a successful operation.

Achievement Motivation Training

Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) is a more personal approach to training, as it focuses on the individual’s personality and self awareness. The modules under this program focuses on goal setting, self assessment and evaluation and in creating achievers.

Other Modules

Project Malasakit is a module on developing family welfare projects. Project Community Relations focuses on teaching the corporations to give back and be involved in their respective communities.




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