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The Calumpang Clan is one of the oldest and most eminent among other clans in the Province of Negros Oriental and has been known as one of the largest clans in existence in the province today.



The Calumpang Clan originates from a long and ancient line of native datus who ruled Tanjay and from counts of ancient noble hidalgo families of the Iberian peninsula long before the Philippines became a colony of Spain . This is one of the main reasons of the family's large number since accorded by Islamic tradition, the datu can have as many wives as he can. At the onset of the Spanish conquest of the Philippines, Tanjay being one of the largest and most established settlements and polities outside Cebu was made the provincial capital of the Province of Negros Oriental. The Spaniards befriended the local rulers in order to strengthen ties with the people. By then, one of the earliest conquistadores, the family's great ancestor Don Juan Alvaro de Bracamonte, a significant Spanish noble who was sent here in the early days of the foundation of the colony to serve as a royal official judge of the Royal Audiencia as Fiscal had children with a daughter of the local chief. He was a direct descendant of the Counts of Peñaranda, the line originating from Don Alonso de Bracamonte, the 1st count of Peñaranda and instructor to the prince, of the Ancient and Noble House of Bracamonte in Peñaranda de Bracamonte, a village and municipality in the province of Salamanca in western Spain and part of the autonomous community of Castille-Leon. This then, started a unique concoction of Oriental majesty and Occidental grandeur. The Calumpangs through the centuries were then integrated with other influential families as the Galicia-Castillian Muñoz Family, the Aragonian Romero Family, the Castillian Valencia Family and the widely-Spanish Miraflor Family.


An orchestra was formed by the Miraflor-Calumpang Cousins in post-war Tanjay. This group, identical to the Heart Blenders included Alexander Miraflor Calumpang, Sr., Andrews Miraflor Calumpang and Mario Menellio M. Miraflor Calumpang, Sr.

The Calumpangs are music-minded people. They have contributed much to the shaping of Visayan and Negrense music. The compositions of the late Andrews Miraflor Calumpang that have become famous throughout the neighboring islands of Negros shows an impeccable taste of folk and country music. A couple of these are the songs “Ang Budbod sa Tanjay”, “Ang Dalagang Tanjayanon”, “Pasko sa Tanjay” and “Sinulog de Tanjay”. These compositions garnered for him the coveted “Most Outstanding Composer Award” for the whole of Central Visayas.

The Calumpangs also had an orchestra before, during the pre-war years named the Heart Blenders. They played in different parts of the Visayas and for as far as Cebu. The orchestra was composed of the late Bernardino Michael "Mike" M. Calumpang (also known as the walking dictionary), the late Alexander "Alex" M. Calumpang (married Nadina "Dina" C. Rotea, scion of a sugar-rich family), the late Mario Menellio Magdaleno "Nellie" M. Calumpang (a schoolteacher who served the city for almost three decades) and the late Andrews "Andy" M. Calumpang (a former professor at Silliman University, Foundation University & East Negros Institute). Another similar group was created by family who were then living in Siquijor and was mainly composed of the Echeverri Family. A direct descendant to this is Earl Valencia Echeverri, husband of singer-actress Sheryn Regis, who now serves as her musical director. Another was a group called Lucky Seven which existed in the mid-40s until the 50s and was composed of Tanjayanon youth who provided music and entertainment in public and private events, among them were: Andrews Calumpang, Periking Calumpang and Praxedes Calumpang.

In modern music, Butch Miraflor is a giant. He works as a musical director for most celebrities in their concerts. Zsa Zsa Padilla, Vina Morales, Sharon Cuneta, Nora Aunor are a few of them. He currently owns the Musiquarium, a recording studio in Manila. Another is Stanley Calumpang-Mercader Alcantara who composed “Tanjay Musicland”, an award-winning song which garnered 5th place in the National Songwriting Festival in Manila.


Crewmen of the plane that crashed in the Tanjay river on July 14, 1960 with Gov. Mariano Perdices, Mayor Ricardo Teves, Capt. Alexander Calumpang and Dr. Florentino Tiongson.

The Calumpang clan, having been part of the Principalia of Tanjay, has helped so much to the shaping of the primitive Tanjayanon government. Paradigms to this are the late Don Martin Calumpang who was Cabeza de Barangay of Barangay Poblacion 33, ca. 1860; Don Bernardino Calumpang (fondly called Teniente Inong) who was a teniente mayor, ca. 1860; Don Jose Teves Muñoz, Sr. (fondly called Kapitan Jose) was a Gobernadorcillo and later on was the first Town Mayor (1901-1905) of Tanjay and was assisted by his Vice Mayor, Don Agapito "Pitoy" Calumpang (1901-1903). They were then succeeded by the following:

  • Don Angel Valencia Calumpang, juez de paz, ca. 1900; Provincial Board Member, 1925-1931
  • Don Luis Calumpang Muñoz, Vice Mayor from 1904-1909
  • Don Francisco “Kikoy” Romero, Mayor from 1910-1916
  • Don Gonzalo Calumpang, Vice Mayor from 1913-1916
  • Don Felipe Calumpang, Vice Mayor from 1916-1922
  • Doña Consejo “Conching” Calumpang-Martinez, first and only woman Mayor who served during Japanese Tanjay
  • Don Perfecto “Tujong” Valencia Calumpang, Mayor during Japanese Tanjay
  • Hon. Jose E. Romero, Provincial Board Member - Oriental Negros, 1925-1931; Representative, 2nd District of Negros Oriental (1931-1934, 1935-1938, and, 1938-1941); Majority Floor Leader, First National Assembly of the Philippines (November 25, 1935-August 15, 1938); Representative, 2nd District of Negros Oriental to the First Congress of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (July 9, 1945-May 23, 1946); Philippine Senator, 1st Congress of the Senate of the Philippine Republic (1946-1949); Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James in England, ca. 1950
  • Atty. Fernando “Nandy” F. Calumpang, Vice Mayor from January, 1956 until December, 1959
  • Alexander “Alex” Calumpang, Sr., Captain of Barangay Poblacion 5 in the 1970s
  • Atty. Miguel “Mike” L. Romero, Representative of the 2nd District of Negros Oriental from 1986-1998; current senior partner of Romero, Valdecantos and Valencia Law Offices; Member of the Board of Directors of the Development Bank of the Philippines; former Member of the Board, Philippine National Bank.
  • Hon. Jose V. Romero, Jr., former Philippine Ambassador to the Republic of Italy; current member of the Southeast Asia Advisory Board of Rolls-Royce Aerospace and Power Corporation International; former Undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture; former Chairman of the Philippine Coconut Authority; former Executive Director of the United Nations Common Fund for Commodities; former Representative to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • Atty. Ramona Lloret Calumpang-Apostol, a former provincial fiscal for the Province of Negros Oriental
  • Antonio "Tony" D. Calumpang, former City Councilor of the City of Tanjay from 1998-2001
  • Atty. Teopisto “Pistong” Calumpang, Jr., City Councilor of Tanjay from 1998-2001 & 2010-present
  • Hon. Ma. Presentacion R. Montesa, Executive Director of the Bureau of Local Government Finance of the Department of Finance

Others worthy to be noted are Atty. Luis Villanueva Romero, Atty. Olivia Calumpang-Causing, Atty. Dovan Benedict F. Calumpang, Atty. Alex A. Villanueva, Judge Maximilliano Y. Miraflor, Judge Teopisto L. Calumpang, Sr., Judge Neciforo Calumpang Enot, and Judge Jose B. Navarro.


The Calumpangs are also known to love literature extensively. They helped in molding the earliest forms of literature in Tanjay. The late Don Andres "Dodong" Calumpang y Limbaga (father to the Heart Blender group) was a playwright, a music composer and loved literature. He made plays and directed them at the same time.

Another leading figure in pre-war Cebuano dailies was the late Bernardino Michael M. Calumpang, son to Don Andres Limbaga Calumpang. Allegedly, he never wanted to attend school but instead, went to hear trials in court which was near his school. Later in life, he became known as the locality's walking dictionary.


Judge Jose B. Navarro and Dr. Francisco Calumpang with other respected members of the academic and societal circles: Dist. Sup. Jovencio Oracion, Hon. Ricardo Teves, Atty. Cipriano Saga, Don Miguel Diaz, Sr. and Dr. Florentino M. Tiongson.

The Calumpangs since time immemorial have been educators. Education is embedded and is undeniable in the bloodstream. Others served as teachers in public institutions while others in the private sect both here in the Philippines and abroad. To name a few are:

Others worthy to be noted are: Mario Menellio Magdaleno M. Calumpang, Sr., Salvacion Calumpang-Guath and Teresita Q. Calumpang.

Society and Public Service

Ms. Rizalina Calumpang de Montesa, Miss Oriental Negros 1927.
Dr. Estela Navarro de Calumpang, Miss Oriental Negros 1960 and holder of the distinction of being the youngest Obstetrician-Gynecologist ever to work at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.

In the society, the Calumpangs have been epitomes. This can be observed in the personalities of the following:

  • Rizalina "Saling" Calumpang de Montesa, Miss Tanjay 1927 and then Miss Negros Oriental 1927, represented the province of Negros Oriental at the 2nd National Beauty Contest of the 1927 Manila Carnival
  • Dr. Eusebio Mercader, first practicing doctor of Tanjay and husband of the then Luciana Calumpang
  • Dr. Francisco B. Calumpang, a patron of the old Tanjay Puericulture Center
  • Antonino “Dodong” Calumpang, first Tourism and Culture officer of the Province of Negros Oriental from the 1950s up to the 1970s
  • Lourdes “Lourding” Martinez-Calumpang, one of the foremost movers of the Philippine National Red Cross in the Province
  • Dir. Eddie S. Romero, National Artist for Cinema and Broadcast Arts (2003)
  • Rosemarie Sarabia Romero-Sibug, Miss Tanjay 1954; a débutante presented to Queen Elizabeth II together with other Negrense belles
  • Alice Somoza Banogon-Young, Miss Silliman University 1954
  • Mary Ann Robillos Romero-Orosa, Miss Silliman University 1957
  • Narcisa Somoza Banogon-Ngan, Miss Silliman University 1958
  • Dr. Estela Navarro-Calumpang, Miss Negros Oriental 1960 and also holder of the distinction of being the youngest Obstetrician-Gynecologist ever to work at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital
  • Annabel Villegas Pastrano-Villanueva, Miss Silliman University 1969
  • Alexandra Rotea Calumpang-Ishii, Miss Tanjay 1977; Miss Tourism Visayas 1978; movie star who was dubbed as Philippine Cinema's Queen of Stunts debuting with her hit 1970s-film “Manila Chinatown”
  • Jean Joan Wester Teves-Villaluna, Miss Silliman University 1972
  • Josephine Teves Calumpang-Bulandres, Miss Tanjay 1982
  • Joy Calumpang Banaag-Oracion, Miss Sinulog de Tanjay 1995
  • Stacy Danika Sia Alcantara, Miss Silliman University 2004
  • Sheharra Jane Calumpang, Miss Sinulog de Tanjay 2007
  • Zenobia Y. Miraflor, a former finance administrator of the Philippine Central Bank
  • Carmeña Luz Y. Miraflor, founding president of Greater America Siquijor Association
  • Regidor Y. Miraflor, a Philippine Military Academy graduate and former Vice President of the United Coconut Planters Bank of the Philippines
  • Liberata Y. Miraflor, RN, former Chief Nurse of the Siquijor Provincial Hospital
  • Nadina Rotea-Calumpang, a scion of a sugar rich-family and a prime mover of the old Tanjay Puericulture Center and the Tanjay Catholic Women's League
  • Joselita Teves Calumpang-Flordeliz, current Secretary of the City Council of the City of Tanjay
  • Nin Marie M. Mercado, RN, educator and founder of Casa Marie Learning Institute
  • Dr. Henrissa R. Calumpang, a prime authority in medical surgery and former administrator of the Negros Oriental Privincial Hospital
  • Dr. Julius Cesar O. Ligo, current Administrator of the Carmelite Holy Child Hospital and a prime pneumococcal specialist
  • Wilfredo "Owa" Calumpang, current Executive Secretary of the City Mayor of Tanjay
  • Rodolfo "Braddock" M. Calumpang, CPA, former North America Bureau Chief of the Philippine Documentation Center; founder of the Tanjay Association, USA; organizer of the 1997 and 2007 Worldwide Balik-Tanjays; Honorary Mayor of the day for Tanjay City on October 19, 2007 during the 2007 Worldwide Balik-Tanjay; and former Senior Auditor of the City of Los Angeles

Other illustrious members of the family that have shaped society include: Dr. Chita Calumpang Siwa-Quitevis, Dr. Quintin Calumpang Bascos and Mrs. Chita Calumpang-Labe, R.N., Dr. Beda Calumpang Villarin-Ceniza.




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