Calixto R. Llamas

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Calixto R. Llamas was born on May 5, 1890 in Pagsanjan, Laguna to Ponciano Llamas and Agapita Rivera. He started piano lessons at a tender age of eight and later continued hiw studies in Manila. In 1913, he made his first trip to the USA and his first job was playing for the silent movies. Later, he provided the piano accompaniment to an American soloist and together went on a concert tour.

He learned to play the Hawaiian guitar, the saxophone and the "musical saw". He composed for the piano, voice and violin. He died July 4, 1987.

Compositions include: Sintang Mahal, Sweetheart of Mine c1925, Think of Me Dear, Honey I'm Lonely, Rho Alpha 1932, Rosa De Amor 1938, Darling, Ala-ala Kita, Ballade, Minuet, Waitng for You, I Yearn for Thee, Reverie, Paraluman, Pag-asa, Mutya Ko, Aking Sinta c1946, Pagsanjan Falls, Mi Amor, Daing ng Puso, Bakit, Wedding March, Andante in D (Violin solo)

Arrangements include: Lulay, Bahay Kubo, Balitaw