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Presidential Management Staff

Seal of the PMS

Established: July 29, 1970
Presidential Chief of Staff Secretary: Joey Sarte Salceda
Presidential Management Staff Secretary: Cerge M. Remonde
Cabinet Secretary: Ricardo L. Saludo
Budget: P166.8 million (2005)

The Philippines' Presidential Management Staff is an agency attached to Malacañang that is tasked to manage the development and formulation of the projects and policies of the Office of the President. There are three heads of the Presidential Management Staff:

  • Presidential Chief of Staff: Joey Sarte Salceda
  • Presidential Management Staff: Cerge M. Remonde
  • Cabinet Secretary: Ricardo L. Saludo.



The Presidential Management Staff can trace its lineage to the Program Implementation Agency (PIA), which was created by President Diosdado Macapagal to serve as his technical staff for the socio-economic projects, which his administration was implementing. It was created on August 24, 1962 under the leadership of Assistant Executive Secretary Sixto K. Roxas and Armand Fabella, who was appointed Director-General.

The PIA reported directly to the President and conducted socio-economic planning, formulate policy recommendations, established priorities, and programmed the utilization of public funds, manpower resources, materials and equipment. It also ensured that the projects of the Office of the President were completed on-time as as planned.

On February 1, 1966, President Ferdinand E. Marcos dissolved the PIA and established the Presidential Economic Staff (PES) in its place through Executive Order No. 8. The PES retained all the functions of the PIA and in addition, it was tasked to establish ties with international financial institutions to help the government and the private sector to tap foreign credit and assistance. The PES was headed by Placido Mapa and Apolinario Orosa and translated the economic targets of the National Economic Council into actual projects.

On July 29, 1970, President Marcos then issued Executive Order No. 250, which created the Development Management Staff (DMS) under the Office of the President. The DMS was located at the Arlegui Guest House.

In 1972, Internal Reorganization Plan was implemented and the PES was abosrbed by the National Economic and Development Authority and the DMS was retained as an attached agency of the Office of the President, serving as the principal information and staff resource of Malacañang on matters involving monitoring, coordinating, and controlling development programs at execution. Executive Secretary Alejandro Melchor was appointed to run the DMS; he then proceeded to hire 50 young men and women, including Colonel Luis M. Mirasol, whom he would appoint as Managing Director.

The DMS held office at the New Executive Office Building (San Miguel Building) and produced regular status reports for 21 priority programs as well as provided staff to various government programs and agencies. The priority programs included projects related to land reform, housing, education, and rural electrification. These status reports would then be used for briefings as well as Cabinet Meetings.

On July 8, 1976, Presidential Decree No. 955 reorganized the Office of the President, renaming the DMS as the Presidential Management Staff.

Development Performance Evaluation System

The Development Performance Evaluation System is tasked by the President to conduct audits of the Executive Departments. It aims to pinpoint problems and subsequently recommending solutions to align the different departments towards development objectives.


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