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Bonifacio Comandante is the Chief Exective Officer of Buhi Corporation.


Early Life

Boni, as he is commonly called, was born in Siquijor with a clubfoot. His parents, Boni Comandante, Sr., an architect, and his mother who was a nurse, brought him to Manila and had his clubfoot treated through operation. They went and lived in Laguna, where Boni grew up.

As a child, he loved reading books as his condition deprived him to be active in sports (eventhough his clubfoot was treated, he still underwent therapy and was advised not to overwork his feet).


He was a hard working student. He holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños and a Master's degree in Marine Biology from Silliman University (he graduated with honors).

Career History

Boni worked for a government irrigation office, for Light Rail Transit, and for a livelihood-enhancement non-government organization which posted him to a fishing community in Palawan. There, he was able to work with fishermen and was able to help them. It was where he got interested in researching how to transport a live fish without water. There was an incident that a fisherman gave him a large lapu-lapu (grouper) and after 6 hours was still alive even though he did not put it in water. He got very interested in finding out the reason that he pursued a master's degree in Marine Biology.

Comandante's Technology

Through years of experimentation, he was able to find out the answers on how a fish could stay alive without being in water for several hours (fish hibernation). He applied for local and global patents on the process. He achieved the grand prize together with Negros Oriental Business Development Foundation in the Business Innovation Awards, February 2004.

The positive effect on the fishing industry of his process of hibernating fishes is still something to await for. Still, he is applying this to his business venture, Buhi Corporation, the first of its kind franchising and licensing business that deals with live marine products.


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