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Blusang Itim is a fantasy/drama komiks novel that tells of the story of an ugly woman who was given a blouse that has the magical power of turning her beautiful. Written by Elena Patron and illustrated by Joey Celerio, the novel was serialized from 1981-1983 in the pages of Aliwan Komiks and was eventually adapted into a film that starred the very popular love team of Snooky Serna and Richard Gomez.



Jessa is an ugly woman who stumbled upon a black blouse that has the power to make her beautiful. She uses this power to win over Angelo, the man of her dreams. However, Melchor, Jessa's childhood friend, had professed to his undying love to the real Jessa, despite her flawed appearance. Now, Jessa is faced with the dilemma of choosing between the man of her dreams and the man who loves her without pretense.<ref name = "ref 1">Komiks Vol. 1 DVD - Inday Bote and Blusang Itim. Kabayan Central. Accessed on May 6, 2008.</ref>

Other Media

Blusang Itim was adapted into film in 1988 that became a huge success for Seiko Films<ref name = "ref 2">Elena Patron. Accessed on May 6, 2008.</ref>, and it received a citation from the FAMAS, nominating Lani Mercado as Best Supporting Actress.<ref name ="ref 3">Blusang Itim.The Unofficial Website of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences. Accessed on May 6, 2008.</ref> The movie was directed by Emmanuel Borlaza and starred Snooky Serna as Jessa, Richard Gomez as Angelo and Joel Alana as Melchor.<ref name="ref 4">Blusang Itim. Internet Movie Database.Accessed on May 6, 2008.</ref> In 2006, ABS-CBN adapted the komiks novel as part of their Komiks TV series and the episode featured Pinoy Big Brother housemates Cassandra Ponti and Uma Khouny playing the lead roles.<ref name = "ref 1">Komiks Vol. 1 DVD - Inday Bote and Blusang Itim. Kabayan Central. Accessed on May 6, 2008.</ref>

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