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Loay is the actual site of the blood compact between Legazpi and Si Katuna, the NHI on the year 2006 had erected a marker with these words: ANG SANDUGO "Sa look ng Hinawanan Loay naganap ang Sandugo nina Miguel Lopez de Legazpi at Datu Si Katuna ng Bohol sa loob ng barkong San Pedro ng Espanya 25 Marso 1565. Isinagawa sa pamamagitan ng pag-inom ng alakna inihalo sa dugo mula sa hiwa sa dibdib ng dalawang pinuno. naging simula ng pagkakaibigan ng mga Espanyol at mga Boholano at Kristiyanisasyon ng pulo. Loay is also known for the many antiques hidden on its soils, it has been an antique haven for the treasure hunters thus attesting to the fact of an earlier civilization way before the Spanish came to Bohol.

The National Historical Institute ruled that instead of the blood compact site as Bool, Tagbilaran City, it took place in Hinawanan, Loay, Bohol, 17 kilometers east of the city. [10] The finding was contained in Resolution No. 04, Series of 2005, approved by the NHI on July 1, 2005, adopting the recommendation of a panel resolving the site of the Blood Compact. It was signed by NHI chair Ambeth Ocampo; members Fr. Jose Cruz, Heidi Gloria, Benito Legarda Jr. and Serafin Quiason; and ex-officio members Corazon Alvina and Prudenciana Cruz. NHI executive director Ludovico Badoy attested to the resolution. [8]


Basing on the records found in the Ultramar de Filipinas, the place now called Hinawanan, Loay, Bohol can satisfy the recorded facts:

1. Hinawanan, Loay has a small bay or in Spanish caleta. 2. There is a salt-water estuary. 3. A short distance in land from the estuary is already the fresh-water Loboc river. 4. The distance from Hinawanan Bay to Loboc, inside the river is two leagues. 5. The distance is 5 leagues to Jagna, Bohol or Canayaon, Garcia-Hernandez which was where the Spanish fleet was drifted ashore in Bohol. 6. The direction to the island of Pamilacan and straight ahead to Siquijor and Negros is southwest. The same direction as mentioned in the records. 7. From Hinawanan, Loay, Bohol, it is possible to verify that “ two leagues ahead” is a town. 8. At present, there is a land route from Hinawanan, Loay to Loboc town. From Bo-ol, Tagbilaran City, there is no direct land from Loboc, Bohol. 9. Even at present, there are still big trees near the shoreline at Hinawanan, Loay. It can satisfy the record that the Spaniards cut trees for the repair of the flaghip San Pedro.


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