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The Black and White Movement (BWM) is an organization of several civil society groups in the Philippines tracing their roots to what they perceive as unresolved issues of cheating, lying, and stealing under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.



The Black and White Movement was founded in August 2005 at the height of the “Hello Garci” controversy. Based on this, anti-GMA civil society groups called for the resignation, impeachment and ouster of Arroyo, believing that GMA used her presidential office in connivance with unprincipled legislators to pervert the law and suppress the truth.

Advocating transparency and accountability in the government, the Black and White Assembly is convened by The Moral Majority, Bangon Pilipinas, Manindigan! C4T - Citizens for Truth and Resignation, Impeachment or Ouster, CODE-NGO, National Peace Conference, LGCNet, Institute of Popular Democracy, AWARE, PhilDHRRA, Pagbabago@Pilipinas, C4CC - Citizens for Con Con, Phil CO Society, PASCRES, GZO Peace Institute.

BWM advocates good governance. It believes it as the key to realizing the country's vision where every citizen enjoys true freedom – not just of speech and expression, but also from debt and the bondage of poverty.

Close Before Moving On

Recent events saw the shifting and evolution of BWM causes, although it retains its main goal of watching and engaging in rallies about what the perceived as unabated corruption and extrajudicial killings. It believes it must push for closure on these issues before the country can move on. It seeks to hold officials accountable through constitutional processes such as investigations by ordinary citizens and congressional bodies, trials before competent courts and impeachment proceedings.

BWM also seeks the adoption of policies and programs responsive to our people’s real needs and problems. National peace and progress to benefit all Filipinos, with particular attention to the marginalized groups.

Reform Agendas

BWM has the following reform agendas which they believe should be promoted and advocated to achieve good governance in the country:

1. Electoral Reforms

2. Judicial Reforms

3. Financial and Economic Reforms

4. Reforms for the Marginalized

5. Relevant and Accessible Education

6. Health and Nutrition Program

7. Peace Efforts

8. Program for Overseas Filipinos

9. Environmental Program

10. Bureaucratic and Military Reforms

11. Constitutional Reforms





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