Bernardino V. Nozaleda

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Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda y Villa, O.P.

Bernardino Nozaleda y VIlla, the last Spanish Archbishop of Manila (1889-1902)
Born May 6, 1844
Asturias (Cuenya-Nava), Spain
Died October 7, 1927
Valencia, Spain

Bernardino Nozaleda y Villa, O.P. - was the 24th Archbishop of Manila and the last Spanish Archbishop of Manila from May 27, 1889 to February 4, 1902.



Bernardino Nozaleda was born in Asturias, Spain. He became a professor in Manila and spent 26 years in the Philippines.

Archbishop of Manila

He was appointed Archbishop of Manila on May 27, 1889. He was responsible for the persecution, arrests and the deaths of thousands of Filipinos that were suspected as revolutionaries. Among the casualties was Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

When the American forces of Dewey began the siege of Manila, Nozaleda asked the Filipinos to fight the new conquerors. The following year, he excommunicated Gregorio Aglipay for joining the Katipunan. And when the Americans finally took possession of the Philippines, Nozaleda decided to strike a deal with the Americans. He asked them to allow the Spanish friars to return to their parishes in exchange for their support to help the Americans to totally control the island. The Americans rejected Nozaleda's deal, citing that it was the Spanish friars that caused the anger and sufferings of the Filipinos.


Fallen from power and disgraced, Nozaleda resigned on February 4, 1902 and went back to Spain. His resignation signaled the end of the Spanish era in the Archdiocese of Manila. He was appointed as the archbishop of Valencia in November 14, 1904. But due to his notorious character and the news from the Philippines against Nozaleda reached Valencia, the people refused to let him enter the city. He resigned again as archbishop of Valencia on December 11, 1905, and on the same day, appointed as a titular archbishop of Petra in Palaestina. He died on October 7, 1927 in a convent after publishing his famous forced Defense.

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