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Berdugo is an adventure komiksnovel written and illustrated by Francisco V. Coching and was serialized in Pilipino Komiksin 1959. It was adapted into a feature film in 1960. The story revolves around the Mondiego Family and the mystery of the Berdugo.



The Mondiego Family consists of Don Ubaldo, his son Leo, Leo's wife Mitas, Don Ubaldo's adopted son Tauro, and Leo's dog Diablo. Don Ubaldo and Leo often hunt on their hacienda, scaring their workers. One day when they were hunting, they accidentally hit the leg of Tusa, daughter of Apdon. Don Ubaldo takes her to the mansion where she can be treated by a doctor, against the wishes of Apdon and Mando, Tusa's boyfriend. She stays in the house as ordered by the doctor. This angers Mitas who tries to get Leo's attention. She uses Mando to make her husband jealous while Tauro just watches what happens in the house.

Don Ubaldo dies on one of his hunting trips and Leo becomes a suspect. The blame is shifted to Mando, however, when the doctor is likewise killed, blames were turned to Mando. When Don Ubaldo's last will is read by the lawyer, announcing that the man wanted to divide his properties equally between Leo and Tauro, Leo protests. Tusa comforts him. Later, the lawyer is also slain, prompting the police to find the “Berdugo.” Leo and Mando confronts each other and almost fall in a ravine but manages to grab a rope to save themselves. Instead of helping t he two, Tauro points a gun at them and declares that he was the one who killed Don Ubaldo, the doctor and the lawyer, in order to get the inheritance. Leo's dog Diablo attacks Tauro, who falls into the ravine. In the end, Leo and Mitas reunite and Tusa and Mando reconcile.

Other media

Sampaguita Pictures adapted Berdugo into a feature film in 1960. It was directed by Conrado Conde and starred Ric Rodrigo, Van de Leon, Marlene Dayden, Daisy Romualdez and Eddie Garcia.

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