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Benito S. Vergara (born June 23, 1934) is a National Scientist who specialized on the field of plant physiology. He is most famous for his work on rice research.


Career and Contributions

Dr. Vergara contributed significantly on rice research, particularly on studies on deep water rice, flood-tolerant rice, and cold-resistant rice, varieties which are valuable to increased rice production. He also focused on the physiology of rice plant flowering, and developed rapid generation methods for rice. He also clarified basic principles involved in the photoperiodism of the rice plant.

In addition, Dr. Vergara published a technical bulletin on the flowering response of the rice plant, which became a major reference for agriculturists and a model for growth phases of other crops. He also authored the Illustrated Farmer's Primer on growing rice, which has been translated into more than 36 languages.

For his outstanding efforts, Dr. Vergara received the Outstanding Phi Sigma award in 1977; the BIOTA Achievement award in 1980; and in 1986 he became a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy. He finally was conferred as a National Scientist in 1998.


  • B.S. (Botany), University of the Philippines, 1955
  • M.S. (Botany), University of Hawaii, 1959
  • Ph.D. (Plant Physiology), University of Chicago, 1960

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  • Gorgonio, Luis (1998). The Filipino Scientists. Loacan Publishing House.



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