Ben Villaflor

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Ben Villaflor
Real Name Ben Villaflor
Birth Date November 10, 1952
Birth Place Negros, Philippines
Stance Southpaw
Division Super Featherweight
Real name Ben Villaflor
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Birth date November 10, 1952
Birth place Negros, Philippines
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Boxing record
Total fights {{{total}}}
Wins 54
Wins by KO {{{KO}}}
Losses 8
Draws 7

Ben Villaflor is a Filipino boxer who is a former Super Featherweight world boxing champion and World Boxing Association Junior Lightweight champion.


Early Life

Villaflor was born on 10 November 1952 in Negros Occidental, Philippines. He began his interest in boxing at an early age, allegedly starting his professional career by facing and defeating Flash Javier in October 1966, weeks before his 14th birthday.

Professional Boxing Career

Twelve matches later, in July 1967, Villaflor had a taste of defeat in his match against Roger Boy Pedrano. His matches against Pedro Martinez and Alfredo Avila in 1970 also landed him two 10-round losses in a row. He went on to achieve nine wins, two draws and two losses in his next thirteen bouts in the Philippines.

Moving to Hawaii

Villaflor later moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to gain more exposure. He defeated Rafael Lopez by a 1st-round knock out in April 1971 and former world champion Raul Cruz by a KO in 10 rounds in November of the same year.

In April 1972, Villaflor fought and won by unanimous decision against then WBA World Junior Lightweight champion Alfredo Marcano. He also defended his record and title against Roberto Duran and Jimmy Robertson in November; and against Victor Echegaray in September.

It was only in March of the succeeding year that he lost the championship to Kuniaki Shibata, but later regained the crown in October.

Villaflor then fought against Apollo Yoshio in March 1974 and ended up with a draw. He then met future world champion Yasutsune Uehara in the ring in August. His mainland debut, however, got him a cut on the head courtesy of a headbutt from Ray Lunny III.

He retained the title of world champion twice, until he encountered Samuel Serrano in April 1976 in a controversial match that ended in a draw. Villaflor then lost the rematch in what became his last professional bout.

Fighting Style

Villaflor used the Southpaw fighting stance, which is a mirror image of the orthodox stance used by right-handed boxers.

This gave his opponents a hard time figuring out where the next punch was supposed to land. Thus, he was able to land more points and damage than most of his counterparts.

Fight Record

Many of Villaflor's bouts were not well documented. There is barely no information about his early matches in the Philippines except the opponent and the outcome of the match. His first documented match was the one against Rod Sario in February 1968, which was already his 19th fight. According to, his record is at 53 wins, seven losses, six draws, and 31 wins by way of knockout.


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