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Batingaw (The Bell) is a 1974 dramatic movie that deals with the issue of large rural families suffering from economic insecurity. Directed by Pablo Santiago, Batingaw is the first venture of DRF Productions, the movie arm of the Social Communications Center Development and Research Foundation. The film's objective was to portray the effects of uncontrolled population growth, hence motivate people to use birth control or family planning.



The story is set in two major areas: a remote part of the town of Magdalena, Laguna, where major life events are punctuated by the tollling of the church bells, and the coastal community of Dalahican, Quezon. Both places are homes of large families dealing with the reality of poverty.

A rich fishing magnate, Franco, and a lowly driver, Mang Indo, represent feuding families. Their children, however, get involved with each other, inspite of their parents' protests. Franco's son Rudy, a vacationing medical student, falls for Mang Indo's daughter Lydia; and, the spoiled daughter Baby becomes harbors a romance with Mang Indo's son, Eddie.

In one memorable scene, the parish priest, Padre Castro, during his Sunday sermon, advocates responsible parenthood and criticizes mothers and fathers for the lack of moral responsibility.





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