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The Baptist Conference of the Philippines is an association of Baptist churches in the Philippines that is affiliated with the Baptist General Conference. Work began in Cebu in 1949 with 5 missionaries. The Cebu Baptist Association was formed in 1954, and became the Baptist Conference of the Philippines in the 1960s. In 1995, the Conference had 10,315 members in 172 churches.


Baptist Way of Witnessing

First: We are all sinners and going to Hell, No Exempted Second: We Need Christ to be saved, that’s why He died on the Cross. Third: Repent and ask Forgiveness, Accepting Christ as your Personal Savior Forth: Live right in the Sight of God, And Obey the Bible, the Will of God. Fifth: if you accepted Christ you are saved for He is the Way. Bible: Reading the Bible can help you to understand the Will of God. Church- Go in a Church that you will grow in Spirit and fellowship with Christians Preach- Tell How you been saved and God Changes your Life in Happiness and Peace. Praying- the way to call God and thank Him or to ask something with Faith.


Baptist Churches in the Philippines are done by Missionary Baptist in America, the Philippines as Being a Mission Field in Asia, Pastors and Workers around the world unite together to build more churches in the Philippines and win souls to God,

Baptist In the Philippines to are Increasing in Number as the Lord’s Command, Matthew 28: 19 “ Go yeah therefore and Preach the Word of God throughout the World Baptizing them in the Name of The Father and of the Son and Of the Holy Ghost” Amen.

Now Baptist Churches Has camp and Other Events to Men and Ladies Fellowship as they gather together to Praise the Lord, with Visitors and Encouraging Messages from the Baptist Missionary Pastors, Baptist never Require Any Church Membership forcing Restriction But by Preaching to follow Christ Light and with Conviction, the Lords Will to Man, as Life goes on Baptist Separated themselves to the World of Sins and the State.


God is Spirit- John 4:24, True Worshipper is in Spirit and Truth God is Holy; God is Almighty, God of Israelites and Christians Trinity- John 10:30, Phil 2:6, Col 2:9 God as the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Faith- Eph 2: 6-8, "for by Grace... We cannot Pay Work our Way to Heaven Grace- John 1:12, Grace is Different from Laws, Grace being saved eternally, for it is Promise of Christ. Giving- Mal 3: 10, blessed a Cheerful Giver, for Giving is not forcing but voluntarily. Baptism- For believers confesses and as following Lord's Command by Immersion, Infant is not ready, to Accept Christ. Heaven or Hell- there are two Destination of Man Heaven or Hell, Bible never teaches anymore Place than that two. Lord Suffer- as a Practice in Memory of Our Lord Jesus Christ accepting His Body and Blood Testimony- to confess Blessings and Chastisement of the Lord showing Love, proclaiming God goodness and as winning and encouraging others back to God



  • Pastor Meliton Prudenciado
  • Deacons/Workers
  • Adults/young People
  • Children 12/below


  • Services/Bible Study
  • Soul Winning/tract Distribution
  • Mission/Church Planting
  • Giving/faith promise
  • Choir/Singing Psalm
  • Fellowship/Prayer Warrior
  • Outreaches and Sunday Schools

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