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Francisco Mañalac, popularly known as Bamboo, is the former vocalist of the Filipino rock band Rivermaya. After leaving Rimermaya and the Philippines to stay in Los Angeles, USA for 5 years, he returned to the Philippines and formed his own band, Bamboo. The band was awarded band of the year in the 2004 MTV Pilipinas and 2004 NU Rock Awards. Mañalac was also awarded Vocalist of the Year in the 2004 NU Rock Awards. He also won an award in the 2004 MTV Style Awards in the Rock Style category. Mañalac is famous for his vocals, which combine a rock style with a mellow approach; he also has a notably energetic style in live performances. His musical and vocal talents as well as his band's polished sound have made him a rock icon in the Philippines.

He is a son of a political icon in Mindanao, of an influential Muslim family. Despite this Mañalac spent most of his early life with his mother from the northern part of the Philippines.

Bamboo is widely considered in the Filipino rock scene for his vocal abilities. His trademark performing energy and versatile voice carries him through the band's mellower songs (in a style often compared to that of Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas) while giving energy to Mañalac's singing and scat-rapping through the band's more conventional rock numbers.

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