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Bahay Bata (Baby Factory) is one of the official entries to the seventh Cinemalaya Film Festival. It is a film inspired by the usual scenario happening in most hospitals and maternity wards especially during the Christmas season. It also includes scenes about the plight of Filipino nurses--some of which who chose to migrate into other countries to earn a living.

Bahay Bata
Directed by Eduardo Roy Jr.
Starring Diana Zubiri
Yul Servo
Music by Toni Muñoz
Editing by Charliebebs Gohetia
Release date(s) 2011
Country Flag of the PhilippinesPilipinas
Language English



Sarah is a nurse at the maternity ward of a public hospital where mothers from different walks of life fill up the wards. On Christmas day, the hospital was short of nurses and Sarah was forced to go on a double shift. Sarah observes the women who come and go in the overcrowded ward: Two women with their babies sharing a single bed while those who are still in labor are just in the hallways. Sarah can no longer bear the sight as her heart and mind labors over her own personal pains, for soon she's going to be a mother.

Critical reception

Gabriela, a party-list organization advocating women's rights, lauded the film for it “tackles a very relevant and hotly debated issue of reproductive health.” The group's congresswoman Emerciana de Jesus commented that the movie should be shown in major cinemas since it “focused on the conditions of pregnant women and that most of the scenes were shot mainly at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital... (It) is something everyone should appreciate.”

Meanwhile, lead actress Diana Zubiri failed to attend the recent press conference of the seventh Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival since director Eduardo Roy Jr.'s group has failed to prepare Zubiri's contract and pay her talent fee in full.


  • Diana Zubiri as Sarah
  • Yul Servo as Peter (special participation)
  • Sue Prado as Heidi
  • Mailes Kanapi as Dr. Balboa
  • Pewee O Hara as Cora
  • Jeoffrey Javier as Froilan
  • Janna Tiangco as Cathy
  • Stella Canete as Rose
  • Judith Soriao as Melba
  • Orlando Sol as Jasper
  • Raqs Regalado as Gina
  • Ronne Contreras as Tess
  • Paul Santiago as Don


  • Director- Eduardo Roy Jr.
  • Executive producers- Almond Derla, Demy Derla and Marlo Derla
  • Producer: Ferdinand Lapuz
  • Creative consultant- Armando “Bing” Lao
  • Line producer- Sarah Pagcaliwagan
  • Screenplay- Eduardo Roy Jr. and Jerome Zamora
  • Director of photography- Ogi Sugatan
  • Editor- Charliebebs Gohetia
  • Production design- Harley Alcasid
  • Sound- Michael Idioma
  • Music- Toni Muñoz
  • Production manager- Ianne Oandasan
  • Art director- Armand Samonte
  • Costume- Tessa Aquino
  • Script continuity- Gilbert Tongo
  • Make up artist- Ria de Guzman
  • Talent coordinator- Ferdinand Vinzon
  • Gaffer- Ronnie Tillado
  • Footage dumper- Alfred Perez
  • Subtitle/Trailer editor: Fiona Borres




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