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Bagets Movie Poster
Directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes
Produced by Vic del Rosario Jr.
Written by Jake Tordesillas
Starring William Martinez
Aga Muhlach
Herbert Bautista
J.C. Bonin
Raymond Lauchengco
Editing by Ike Jarlego Jr.
Distributed by Viva Films
Release date(s) 1984
Country Flag of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Language English

Bagets is a Filipino comedy flick about teenagers. It is a coming-of-age movie about the happiness and pains that adolescents face as they grow up.

Shown in 1984 by Viva Films, this film also served as breakthrough for known actors today, including Aga Muhlach, Herbert Bautista, William Martinez, among others.



The story revolves around the escapades of five young boys. Each has his own trait - Adie (Aga Muhlach) has the boy-next-door image, Gilbert (Herbert Bautista) is the nerd among the group, Toffee (J.C. Bonin) the martial arts buff, Tonton (William Martinez) is the one who is already in high school for four years, and Arnel (Raymond Lauchengco) comes from a rich family.

Although they come from different kinds of families and backgrounds, it never became an issue in their friendship and together, they will all try to finish their senior year in a new high school after being kicked out from their previous school. As they face this challenge, they also encounter different things and discoveries like young love, family problems, and others.

Aside from that, each one of them deals with personal problems. Arnel, as the only son of parents who own a family business, do not approve of his girlfriend and wants him to take over the business. Toffee, whose mother fails to tend to his needs as a son, asks an older woman to be close to him. Gilbert lives in an apartment with his parents whom he actually has problems with. Tonton has been staying in high school for years when he is really supposed to graduate already. And Adie falls in love with a woman who is actually married.

What made them realize to learn to grow up and stop wasting time on their lives after high school is the death of Tonton's girlfriend from a car accident because of a drag race he gets involved in.


Television Adaptation

The ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network bought the rights of the film for the management's plan to do a television remake of Bagets. Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and John Prats are some of the confirmed cast members.


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