Atimonan, Quezon

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Municipality of Atimonan
Ph seal quezon atimonan.png
Ph locator quezon atimonan.png
Region CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Province Quezon
Mayor Florante M. Veranga
Barangays 42
Physical characteristics
Area 160.3 km²
Total (2000) 56,716
Density 353.8/km²

The Municipality of Atimonan (Filipino: Bayan ng Atimonan) is a second class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It lies on the western shore of the province, 173 kilometers southeast of Manila. Atimonan is bounded by the municipalities of Gumaca, Plaridel, Pagbilao and Padre Burgos. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 56,716 people in 12,020 households.

The town is an historical place built during the Spanish colonial period. The town also bears some historical antiquities ranging from the town Church, Balagtas St., and the Iskong Bantay watchtower, on the street with the same name with that of the watchtower, used primarily during the Spanish colonial era to quell raids by Muslim pirates.

Also, the driver-feared zigzag road along the isthmus of Luzon, the Bitukang Manok, literally in English, 'Chicken's Entrails' cut through steep sections of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is nearly bordered by deep ravines throughout the whole road. It begins in Pagbilao and ends in Barangay San Isidro, Atimonan.


People and culture

People from Atimonan are called Atimonanins. The primary language is Tagalog, with many local phrases and expressions. Manilans usually understand Atimonan Tagalog, albeit with some frustrations. Many Atimonanins are part Chinese or Spanish. Some Atimonanins can also speak Bicolano, Lan-nang, or Spanish.

The dominant religion in Atimonan is Protestantism, though there is a significant following of the Roman Catholic Church. The culture in Atimonan is primarily ingrained in rural maritime Filipino settings. Weather remains a powerful force in this town.


The economy of Atimonan is sustained by fishing and agriculture. Many also engage in seafaring. The town is part of the Tourism Highway Program of the Department of Tourism.


Atimonan is politically subdivided into 42 barangays.

  • Angeles
  • Balubad
  • Balugohin
  • Barangay Zone 1 (Pob.)
  • Barangay Zone 2 (Pob.)
  • Barangay Zone 3 (Pob.)
  • Barangay Zone 4 (Pob.)
  • Buhangin
  • Caridad Ibaba
  • Caridad Ilaya
  • Habingan
  • Inaclagan
  • Inalig
  • Kilait
  • Kulawit
  • Lakip
  • Lubi
  • Lumutan
  • Magsaysay
  • Malinao Ibaba
  • Malinao Ilaya
  • Malusak
  • Manggalayan Bundok
  • Manggalayan Labak
  • Matanag
  • Montes Balaon
  • Montes Kallagan
  • Ponon
  • Rizal
  • San Andres Bundok
  • San Andres Labak
  • San Isidro
  • San Jose Balatok
  • San Rafael
  • Santa Catalina
  • Sapaan
  • Sokol
  • Tagbakin
  • Talaba
  • Tinandog
  • Villa Ibaba
  • Villa Ilaya


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