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Asia Brewery, Inc.
Location 6th floor Allied Bank Center, Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines
Owner(s) Lucio Tan
Year opened 1982
Annual production 6 million hectoliters per annum (in its two breweries)
Active beers
Beer na Beer (formerly known as Beer Pale Pilsen) German pilsener
Colt 45 (Philippines) American malt liquor
Colt Ice (Philippines) American macro lager
Lone Star (Philippines) American macro lager
Lone Star Light (Philippines) Light lager
Lone Star Ultra (Philippines)
Carlsberg Beer/Pilsner (Philippines) German pilsener
Stag (Philippines) American macro lager

Asia Brewery, Inc. is part of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies and is one of only two breweries and the second largest brewer and bottled water manufacturer in the Philippines. The company was founded by 2010 second richest Filipino, Lucio Tan in 1987.


Asia Brewery Executives

  • Lucio Tan - since 1985


Asia Brewery’s first product was Carlsberg, launched in 1987. In 1988 the company launched Beer Pale Pilsen. San Miguel Corporation was quick to file an infringement and unfair competition lawsuit against Asia Brewery. In 1990, the Pasig Regional Trial Court dismissed the complaint. However, SMC appealed to the Court of Appeals in 1991 and the CA reversed the lower court’s ruling and found Asia Brewery guilty of infringement of trademark and unfair competition, and is therefore prohibited in using the brand. Thus, Beer Pale Pilsen was renamed Beer na Beer. The corporation claims that Beer na Beer was preferred by 9 out of 10 people in a blind test. Its high quality and attractive pricing strategy made it the second biggest selling beer in the market. In 2001, Beer na Beer was reformulated and now, it has 6.0% alcohol.

In 1992, Asia Brewery diversified their portfolio and started introducing non-alcoholic beverages with Summit Natural Drinking Water and Absolute Pure Distilled Water. In 1995, the company introduced Colt 45 Malt Liquor, America’s premium strong beer. The same year also saw the introduction of Q Shandy to compete with San Miguel’s Cali Shandy.

In 1999, the new Beer na Beer was once again introduced to the market and the brand, together with Lone Star and Colt 45, even claimed the gold medal in the 2000 Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium. Also in the same year, Pacific Sun Tea was launched further strengthening Asia Brewery’s dominance in the beverage market. In 2006, Asia Brewery launched 100 Plus Isotonic Sports Drink in partnership with Fraser and Neave limited.

In the same year, the company, in partnership with Cobra International Beverage Holdings, launched Cobra Energy Drink. In 2007, Asia Brewery started competing in the low-priced carbonated drinks with its introduction of Virgin Cola after acquiring the license from Virgin drinks. Virgin Cola was well received by the market, quickly gaining more than 50% market share of Cagayan de Oro in just three months. In 2007 and in partnership with Coors Brewing Company, Asia Brewery introduced two more premium strong beer, the Coors Light and Coors Original. In 2008, Asia Brewery another bottled water product, Summit Zero Cal and Summit Vitamin Water.

Competition with San Miguel

In 2008, the Marikina Regional Trial Court ordered the San Miguel Corporation to pay P130 million in damages to Asia Brewery after the court found SMC guilty of unfair trade practices for hoarding more than a million of Asia Brewery’s bottles and thousands of plastic crates. Judge Gutierrez said in the statement that by by withdrawing the ABI bottles from circulation, SMC effectively disrupted ABI's marketing and distribution system and deprived it of the profits it could have gained if it [was] able to re-use the bottles and shells in the normal course of trade.

In 2010, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the RTC and dismissed the complaint of Asia Brewery that San Miguel was hiding sizeable number of its bottles to weaken its distribution. CA cited that Asia Brewery filed baseless suit against San Miguel and that San Miguel incurred negative publicity and therefore ordered Asia Brewery to pay P116 million in damages.

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