Arellano University

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Arellano University
Arellano University Logo.gif

Motto For God and Country


Type Private, Non-Sectarian
President Francisco Paulino Valente Cayco
Location Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Campus 2600 Legarda St, Sampaloc Area, Manila City.
Colors Maroon and Blue

Arellano University(A.U.) is a private, non-sectarian university located in the University Belt sub-district of Manila. It was named after the former Chief Justice of the Philippines, Cayetano Arellano.



  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Nursing
  • Graduate School of Business & Management
  • School of Law
  • College of Nursing
  • Accountancy
  • Allied Medical Services
  • Business & Commerce
  • Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Institution Management
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Computer Science

Arellano University offers different amenities and learning tools in comfortable environments which is intended for the greater benefit and convenience of its students

STUDENT ADMISSION Student admission in Arellano University is governed by Article XIII, Section 60 of the Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, which provides for the basic requirements of eligibility for admission to any collegiate educational program or course.

It adopts an "open admission, selective-retention" policy and the University welcomes all students interested in the pursuit of scholarly learning, regardless of race, creed, religion and personal circumstances. Everyone desirous of education within the framework, atmosphere and standards set by the school is assumed to possess the minimum intellectual, emotional and physical requirements ordinarily expected of a student. Once admitted to any of the programs of the University, the student has the responsibility to maintain a minimum level of achievement to be allowed continuous enrolment in the school.

Facilities and Services Arellano University offers different amenities and learning tools in comfortable environments which is intended for the greater benefit and convenience of its students.

REGISTRAR'S OFFICE The Registrar's Office is the official repository of student's records from the time he enters the University to the time he graduates and the University Registrar heads this office. It is divided into three sections: a) records, b) processing and releasing, and c) admission and advising

The school records of each student are permanently kept in this office which includes the enrolment prerequisites, such as school records of new students (freshmen, second coursers, transferees, cross enrollees) prior to their admission to the University, as well as the graduation prerequisites, such as course or degree, school year, collegiate unit, and permanent record (approved registration forms that contain the subjects taken per term at each year level, grades/ratings obtained, academic honors received, etc.)

'CENTRAL GUIDANCE OFFICE The primary task of the Central Guidance Office is to provide counseling services to all students as well as to recognized campus organizations. A director heads this office and it also provides individual inventory, testing, information, orientation, placement and follow-up services.

Of particularly concern to this office is the welfare of students who are encountering problems. These problems could be related with their studies, their association with faculty, fellow students, and other colleagues on campus, and even with their relationships at home or in the community, that have direct or indirect bearing on their performance in school.

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UNIVERSITY LIBRARY The University Library comprises the following collections and services: Circulation Unit (foreign books on all fields of interest); Filipiniana Unit (books locally published in the Philippines, books written by Filipino author and books about the Philippines); Periodicals Unit (collection includes journals and magazines in various fields of interest); Reference Unit (collection of reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbook, almanac, geographical sources, etc.); Audio-Visual Unit (a collection of audio-visual materials such as CD-ROM, VHS tapes & cassette tapes) and the Graduate School Unit (collection of books for post graduate level together with the thesis collection for reference purposes).

OFFICE OF THE STUDENT AFFAIRS The Office for Student Affairs (OSA) enforces the academic policies, rules and regulations and programs of the University insofar as student activities are concerned. It exercises exclusive jurisdiction and supervision over all student organizations, including the AU Supreme Student Council. It is charged with the responsibility of extending recognition to legitimate student organizations established and operating within the University.

Directly in charge of co-curricular services and activities of the student organizations, this office coordinates student's use of university facilities as well as student off-campus activities.

MEDICAL & DENTAL SERVICES Arellano University operates a Medical and Dental Clinic staffed by competent physicians, dentists, and nurses and the clinic provides students with free medical and dental services and medicines. The University physicians render physical examinations, medical consultations and treatment and they also issue medical certifications (whenever requested) to both students and employees. The University dentists, on the other hand, render oral examinations, consultations, and palliative treatment as part of their functions in taking care of the oral hygiene of students and employees alike. They also issue dental certifications upon request.

LABORATORIES The University provides Computer, Chemistry, Nursing, PT, and Psychological laboratories with adequate and sufficient instruments designed to serve the students' needs.

COMPUTER LABORATORIES The School of Computer Science has five computer laboratories, one network laboratory and one computer architecture laboratory to service the core courses of computer science program and computer courses for non-CS program. Each laboratory room is fully air-conditioned and is networked. It is equipped with twenty-seven P4 computer units running on Windows 2000 for student's use and one computer unit for the instructor. Computer-student ratio is 1:1.

CHEMISTRY LABORATORIES Chemistry students are taught essential scientific principles and provided with experiential learning through relevant and meaningful activities that use laboratory apparatuses and equipment.

PHYSICAL THERAPY LABORATORIES The PT laboratories are complete with modern tools and equipment making them available for use by actual patients who queue for reasonably priced treatment and services.

HRIM LABORATORIES The HRIM facilities are comparative to the kitchens and dining areas of top hotels and restaurants with high standards of sanitation.

NURSING LABORATORIES Nursing students are offered special training skills in specialized areas like; emergency, orthopedics, delivery and operating room experience, rehabilitation and critical nursing care through the use of the well equipped nursing laboratories.

SPEECH LABORATORY The Speech Lab provides students with an experiential learning that enhances their oral communication skills through the use of multi-media materials and equipment.

CANTEEN & STORE The canteens and stores on campus are operated by privately-owned concessionaries and they are open to the school community. A few others are also permitted to sell school supplies at competitive prices. The University Administration closely supervises the operations of the canteens and stores to make sure they serve nutritious, clean, and well-prepared food items at affordable prices. They also make sure that the premises of these canteens are hygienically maintained all the time.

GYMNASIUM The Arellano University Gymnasium (Socio-civic Center) is utilized for physical education classes, convocations, choral presentations, commencement exercises and other academic, social and extra-curricular activities.


Arellano University has seven branches in Metro Manila.

  • A.U. Apolinario Mabini High School/School of Law/Law Foundation-Pasay City
  • A.U. Andres Bonifacio High School/College-Pasig City
  • A.U. Jose Abad Santos High School/College-Pasay City
  • A.U. Elisa Esguerra High School-Malabon City
  • A.U. Plaridel High School-Mandaluyong City


  • Francisco Paulino Valente Cayco-President/CEO/COO
  • Florentino S. Cayco-Vice President
  • Alma C. Curato-Board Member
  • Pedro S. Cayco-Board Member
  • Valente V. Cayco-Board Member
  • Atty. Eliseo P. Ocampo-Corporate Secretary
  • Prof. Mildred A. Atendido-Vice President for Academic Affairs and concurrerntly Dean, Graduate School of Business
  • Atty. Frederick G. Dedace-Vice-President for Human Resources Development & concurrently director for Legal Affairs
  • Atty. Roland A. Niedo-Sr. Asst. Vice-President for Student Personnel Services & concurrently Officer-in-Charge, Registrar’s Office
  • Prof. Mario F. Sales-Asst. Vice-President for International Affairs & concurrently Dean, School of Business and Commerce
  • Prof. Zenaida M. Lobrergat-Asst. Vice-President for Arellano University in Pasay (AU Pasay) Jose Abad Santos Campus
  • Prof. Elena T. Rodriguez-Asst. Vice-President for Arellano University in Pasig (AU Pasig) Andres Bonifacio Campus
  • Ms. Grace V. Cayco-Auditor
  • Dr. Antonio V. Cayco-Medical Director


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