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Aparisyon is a film written and directed by Vincent Sandoval. It is a story about nuns in the period immediately preceding Martial Law. It is one of the official entries for the New Breed Full Length Feature Category in Cinemalaya 2012.

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Aparisyon (Apparition)
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Directed by Vincent Sandoval
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Music by Teresa Barrozo
Cinematography Jay Abello
Editing by Jerrold Tarog
Distributed by
Release date(s) 2012
Running time
Country [[Image:{{
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}}|border|Flag of the Philippines]]Pilipinas

Language English
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Set in 1971, the sisters of the Adoration monastery in a remote town in Rizal lead quiet and peaceful lives. Remy, an extern nun or someone who is able to leave the monastery from time to time to do errands for the nuns, learns from her mother that her activist brother was missing. She asks their Mother Superior Ruth for an indefinite leave of absence to help her family search for her brother. Since her request was turned down, she starts attending meetings of families with missing relatives secretly. Lourdes, who joined the monastery just recently, decides to become an extern too to go alongside with Remy and attend a meeting. They fell victim to violence on their way back.



  • Director, Screenplay, Story‐ Vincent Sandoval
  • Producers‐ Vincent Sandoval and Darlene Malimas
  • Executive Producers‐Jerome Kirkman, Mariano Piamonte, Mian Rubrico Sebastian, Markane Earle Goho, Merrick Clint Goho
  • Assoc. Producer‐ Eric Alvin Po
  • Cinematography‐ Jay Abello
  • Original Music‐ Teresa Barrozo
  • Film Editing‐ Jerrold Tarog
  • Production Design‐ Roland Rubenecia



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