Ang Mga Anak Dalita

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Ang Mga Anak Dalita, a poetry-novel written by Patricio Mariano and published in 1911, is the story of a girl who suffers the injustices of a capitalist society.



Teta and her mother Ata, in their impoverished state, experience chronic hunger. When Teta's boyfriend Pedro visits them, the two discuss the issues laborers have against capitalism. Teta's employer, a factory-owner, embodies those issues through his greediness. Aside from avariciousness, the man is also beset by lust and tries to rape Teta. Teta escapes, only to save the man later from the angered laborers who want to kill him. It is then revealed that the factory-owner is actually Teta's father.


In the novel, Ata tells a story about a woman named Mutya who is victimized by two men, Dulong and Limatik. It is an allegory for the Philippines' history, tracing the root of the social ills and injustices experienced by the people in the country's colonial experience with the Spaniards and the Americans.

Sociohistorical Background

During the American Occupation, the shift from a predominantly agricultural economy to a more capitalist and industrialized one was experienced. This paved the way for the construction of factories which abused the cheap labor provided by the masses. Thus, alongside the Philippine-American War were strikes and mobs of laborers such as depicted in the novel.

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