Ang Magpapawid

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Ang Magpapawid is a novel written by Teodoro Virrey. It is about Pedring and his journey through life. Pedring is the son of Donya Concha, a very wealthy woman. Unfortunately, Donya Concha was widowed. She then decided to remarry but the man he married was not good to her son and even abused him physically. Pedring decided to run away from home, and while he was away and looking for a place to stay, he met a magpapawid, who was building a house and was asked to stay with him. After he was settled, he started working for Don Ernesto and Donya Erlinda, and there he met Avelina. Upon learning that she is adopted, Avelina decided to leave home and was found by Donya Martina. After a few years, Pedring and Avelina met again. In the end, Pedring will find out that Donya Martina and his mother, Donya Concha is the same person. Avelina also found out that Don Ernesto is his real father. The lovers will end up together.


  • Virrey, Teodoro. Ang Magpapawid, published in 1928



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