Ang Magmamani

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Ang Magmamani, a novel written by Teofilo Sauco in 1933, is a Tagalog novel that deals with a very complex plot.


"An immensely popular novel, Ang Magmamani, is a story that shows a mother and her daughter falling in love with the same man. Luis, a rich and handsome man from Manila, falls in love with Ninay, a peanut vendor he meets while he is travelling. His mistress, Tentay, accidentally, sees the picture of Ninay and realizes that Ninay is her own daughter whom she abandoned years ago. Tentay decides to leave Luis and enters a convent. Meanwhile, Luis desirous of having a well-educated wife, asks Ninay to study in a convent school. Tentay and Ninay become friends inside the convent. Then Tentay falls ill and when the priest arrives to administer the last rites to the dying, a final revelation is made by the dying Tentay. The priest is Ninay's father. With the shocking truths revealed, Ninay finally meets her parents separated by fate and reconciled in death."




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