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Anak ni Zuma is one of the longest running komiks serials in the Philippines. Written by Jim Fernandez and illustrated by Ben Maniclang, Anak ni Zuma was serialized in Aliwan Komiks from 1976 to 1985 and had been consistently on top in readers' surveys as the most popular Pinoy komiks serial during that time.

Anak ni Zuma was a sequel of an earlier komis novel by Jim Fernandez entitled "Aztec". Aztec told the story of Zuma an immortal snake-haired evil character. Zuma had been an Aztec demigod from ancient times, until construction diggings in modern times unearthed him and enabled him to move about once more. Apparently, Zuma was living all the time he was buried deep in the earth.


In Anak ni Zuma, Zuma bore a freak son from a mortal woman. The son was named Dino, a child with the body of a human and a head of the dinosaur. Dino possessed superhuman strength. Zuma influenced Dino to terrorize the city and bring chaos to all. Galema, Zuma's kindhearted daughter, helped the townspeople to combat Zuma and Dino. She did this with the help of her twin brother--an albino snake with telepathic powers. Dino was captured and put into cage. Galema was given the opportunity to talk to Dino and convince him to fight against Zuma. Dino was killed by Zuma and Zuma on the other hand was poisoned by Galema's son. In the end however, it was not clear if Zuma really perished, so that left many readers to speculate that there maybe was still a sequel to Anak ni Zuma.


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