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AΦE – Alpha Phi Epsilon
Founded August 30, 1961
Notre Dame of Marbel University, South Cotabato
Type Social & Collegiate
Scope International
Motto Thy WIll To Serve!
Colors Red, Yellow and Silver
Symbol Angry Monkey
Philanthropy Community Service
Mascot Monkey
Headquarters Pentagon - Notre Dame of Marbel University
City of Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines



Alpha Phi Epsilon Inter-University Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority

Alpha Phi Epsilon was founded in South Cotabato on August 31, 1961. This fraternity would endeavor to foster lifelong friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, academics, social involvement and community service, all the while providing a home away from home for its members. The dream that was born inside the heart of each member and continues to succeed, prosper and thrive in different college and university campuses nationwide and even to another countries. Alpha Phi Epsilon welcomes with open arms hundreds of new members each year and seeks not only to live up to the ideals and goals of its original founders, but also to exceed them.

Since the date it was founded, Alpha Phi Epsilon has maintained a proud tradition of creating and perpetuating brotherhood/sisterhood for good men and women nationwide. Dedicated members have long preserved and enriched the "AΦE" tradition with a vision for the future that exemplifies the experiences of the past.

Through the years, many Brothers and Sisters have noted that Alpha Phi Epsilon made a significant contribution early in their lives. With gratitude, these members have remained loyal and are supportive of the Fraternity's future.

Alpha Phi Epsilon existence has been threatened many times over the last 40 years. The fraternity still managed to pull through these hardships. Today, Alpha Phi Epsilon is recognized as a fraternity of quality and stature. With different universities and chapters all around the Philippines and an active expansion effort, the Fraternity continues to offer meaningful services and opportunities to over thousands of colleges and living alumni.


1. Recruit students particularly college and professional levels to join the organization.
2. Develop the interest of the members into a fraternal concepts on which is utilizing time and effort in a proper and fruitful manner.
3. Enhance the moral values of a member through good works and spiritual guidance.
4. Participate in the legal activities of a learning institution (school).
5. Attend to the needs of a member when the need arises.
6. Share in developing peace among other fraternal organizations.
7. Cooperate in promoting the government programs on peace and order.


1. Establish Alpha Phi Epsilon chapters both locally and internationally.
2. Expand the Alpha Phi Epsilon activities focusing in financial cooperatives for economic or employment purposes for its members.
3. Create scholarship for members (students) whose family income below poverty threshold.
4. Establish Alpha Phi Epsilon learning institutions for indigent members and its families.


In the year 1961 before Martial Law, a fraternity was organized by a student and a professor in Zamboanga A. E. Colleges and named it is an ALPHA EPSILON OMEGA. When this organization was introduced in the said school some interested students both Christian and Muslims joined. Recruitment and initiations were done secretly because the fraternity is still unrecognized by the institution.

As per records of Zamboanga City chapter, twenty eight ( 28 ) people of solid males had undergone the necessary initiations but only few, at least seven (7) people survived. From this, in 1970’s one of the surviving members Danillo Suarez departed from the Alpha Epsilon Omega because of the unlikable conflict among the members who misunderstood him. From that time on he organized his own fraternal group of twenty three (23) male people and out of this member only four (4) passed or survived that initiations and became the pioneer batch of the Alpha Deltans. This batch was named “The Golden Shepherds” and the members were the following: Meng Fei II (now Ulysses Sr.) who is presently the Supreme Head of the Alpha Phi Epsilon; Camagong - as the bull of the Ages and the remaining two survived members (who's baptismal name can not be remembered) joined other fraternity after the dissolution of the Alpha Deltans.

On August 31, 1975, with an idea logical effort of the Supreme Head - Meng Fei II (now Ulysses Sr.) to organized a fraternity in his hometown (Cotabato City) recruited his friends and one of close neighbors who is now the Vicar General of the Alpha Phi Epsilon – Efren F. Gaviola, baptized as Spartacus. Later, as they moved recruited females to be the sorority that started with sister’s Estrella Catalan and Lourdes Gaviola. The Alpha Phi Epsilon has extended to Notre Dame University and in the Philippine Harvardian College, Cotabato City, until it reached the Southern part of Mindanao which is General Santos City and continued to move towards the Northern, West and East parts. Today, as our statistics is concerned the population had grown locally and internationally as it was envisioned during the early stage of Alpha Phi Epsilon’s existence. The date of the AΦE’s foundation August 31, which is being recognized today is actually uprooted from the day when it was organized but the year which is 1961 were adopted from the year when the Alpha Epsilon Omega was founded due to the reason that the fraternal activities being implemented by Alpha Phi Epsilon is the actual practice of the Alpha Deltans where the Supreme Head survived.

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Philippine Mother Chapter

  • Pentagon - Cotabato City

Mindanao Council

Luzon Council

  • Alpha Lambda - Central Luzon State University - Munoz, Nueva Ecija
  • Alpha Rho - Iloilo City
  • Pi Sigma Lambda - San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
  • Pi Zeta Lambda - Ligaya, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
  • Pi Mu Lambda - Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro
  • Pi Upsilon Lambda - Buenavista, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
  • Pi Omicron Lambda - Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro

Cebu City Council

Leyte Council

Samar Council

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