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Allan Alberto N. Derain is currently a part-time lecturer teaching in the Filipino departments of Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University-Manila. Although he is not a full-time writer, he already has won two Don Carlos Palanca Awards for two consecutive years (2006-2007). He also has written many short stories mostly in Filipino. Some of the most famous of his works are, "Ang liaison sa 27th floor", "Ang regalo ng taong ibon",and "Paputian ng laba".All of which are included in his compilation book "ISKRAPBUK". He said that he had chosen his 2007 Don Carlos Palanca Award-winning entry, Paputian ng Laba, because of its solid plot, dramatic scenes, and the way it was written.

According to him, first loved reading comic books when he was still a boy. He loved comic boks like "Pik Pak Bum", which, according to him, was about the adventures of a dog. His passion for reading comics lead him to writing his own stories in comics. He eventually figured out that writing short stories could also be fun. Aside from writing comic books and short stories, he also loves practicing Chinese caligraphy. As of now, he already knows how to draw over 500 independent chinese characters.

He finished his secondary school in Saint Lourdes College in Bulacan. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Malikhaing Pagsulat in UP Diliman.

Mr. Derain is happily married (contrary to popular belief) but would not share stories about his family. Also, his age remains to be a mystery. He would only give clues and hints about his present age.


  • he was a martial law baby
  • saw the firsts episodes of Voltes V
  • loved Sesame Street

He boasts that most, if not all, of his works are 'masterpieces' and of superb beauty. However, like any other writer, he fears that the quality of his 'masterpieces' get jeopardized because of frequent revisions made by unauthorized people.




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