Alan Peter S. Cayetano

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Alan Peter Cayetano
Alan petercayetano.jpg
Senator of the Philippines
Representative, Lone District of Taguig City-Pateros
Acting Vice-Mayor of Taguig City
Councilor of Taguig City
Political Party: Nacionalista Party (2003 to date)
Born: October 28, 1970 (age 36)
Flag of the Philippines Philippines Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Spouse: Mayor Ma. Laarni Lopez-Cayetano

Alan Peter Schramm Cayetano (born 28 October 1970) is a Filipino Senator. He was a Representative from Taguig-Pateros for nine years. He had a seven-point program for his Taguig-Pateros constituency in Metro Manila.

Cayetano is particularly focused on education because he believes that while many state universities provide quality schooling, low-quality teaching in public elementary and high schools prevents poor students from stepping up. He ran for senator on the May 14, 2007 Philippine elections under the Genuine Opposition banner and won. He assumed office on 30 June 2007.



Born to an influential family, Cayetano is the son of former Senator Renato Cayetano and American-German teacher Sandra Schramm. He has two younger brothers, Rene Carl Cayetano (younger brother), a former councilor of Muntinlupa City, and popular television and movie director Lino Edgardo Cayetano. His older sister, Senator Pilar Julianna “Pia” Cayetano is also an incumbent Senator of the Philippines.

He is married to Laarni Cayetano, current mayor of the city of Taguig.


Cayetano studied both elementary and high school in De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School. In 1993, he entered the University of the Philippines – Diliman, where he took up Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He continued his post-graduate studies in Ateneo de Manila University, where he graduated Juris Doctor and 2nd Honors in 1997/ He then got admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1998.


Cayetano is a lawyer and served as a Representative in the Taguig City and Pateros district. He is a Senior Partner in a law firm named Cayetano Sebastian Ata Dado & Cruz, which has law offices in Manila and Makati City.

Cayetano first engaged in public office during 1992 when he was elected as the Councilor of Taguig. He was then appointed as the Acting Vice Mayor of Taguig from 1995 to 1998. In 1998 he ran as the representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros, which he was an incumbent from 1998 to 2007.

House of Representative

In his first term as a congressman, Cayetano was a major political figure in the House. As the Assistant Majority Floor Leader, Cayetano is a membership of the Committee of Rules. He was also the Chairman of the Oversight Committee on Bases Conversion, and the Sub-Committee on New Schools of the Committee of Education; and he was the Vice-chairman on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms.

Cayetano won another seat during the 12th Congress, representing the same district. This time, he sat as the Deputy Majority Floor Leader which gives him the position of an ex-officio member of all standing House committees. He is also the House deleate to the Judicial and Bar Council.

In the 13th Congress, he was re-elected for his 3rd and last term as representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros. This time, he was the Senior Deputy Minority Leader which also gave him ex officio membership on all standing House Committee. During this time, Cayetano is one of the major critic of the then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He criticized Arroyo for the corruption pandemic all over the government and the bureaucracy, and the president's questionable electoral victory in light of the Hello Garci scandal. Cayetano is part of the team who lobbied the impeachment complaints agains the president which were all unsuccessful. During his incumbency, he has received several libel cases and Congressional ethics cases for his opposition to the administration.


In 2007, Cayetano decided to run for a Senate seat. Despite several COMELEC cases filed against him by the administration, and other forms of actions which could have prevented him from running, Cayetano won a seat during the 14th Congress. During that Congress, he sat as the Chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee which headed the investigation of the NBN-ZTE deal, and the continuation of the Fertilizer Scam investigation. He also initiated the investigation on the cash giving scandal in Malacañang. He also chaired the Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, in which he sat concurrently as the chair of the Committee on Optical Media Board, together with Senator

Under Cayetano's leadership as chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture and Arts, the RA 9500 or the University of the Philippines Charter Act of 2008)was passed. The said bill paved the way to make educational loans and scholarships more accessible to deserving students. It also aims to seek more funds for basic and tertiary education and better compensation for public school teachers.

As the Senate Minority Floor Leader in the 15th Congress, Cayetano was commended through Resolutions 46 and 94 for his efforts on fighting for the orphaned, abandoned children and vulnerable workers, and for his inputs on deliberations of legislation and resolutions. He also actively participated in investigating the alleged poll fraud cases of 2004 and 2007. He is also an Ex-Officio member of all standing committees.

During the Corona Impeachment, Cayetano voted to convict then Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty on Article II of the Impeachment Complaint (Failure to disclose to the public his statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth as required under the constitution, under the Betrayal of public trust and/or culpable violation of the Constitution). He said that given the evidence presented, the Chief Justice does not have the moral ascendancy to convict criminals anymore.

Recently, Cayetano has come to an intense argument with the Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on the alleged cash-gifts the latter distributed at the end of 2012. Last December, Enrile distributed P1.6M to augment the senators' maintenance and other operating expenses in which Cayetano together with his sister, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV only received P250,000 pesos. The argument escalated and eventually culminated in a word war at the Senate Floor after Cayetano delivers a privilege speech calling for an independent audit of the Senate budget.

Bills Authored and Enacted into Law

  • R.A. No. 10088 Anti-Camcording Act of 2009
  • R.A. No. 9521 National Book Development Trust Fund Act
  • R.A. No. 9500 University of the Philippines Charter of 2007
  • R.A. No. 10122 An Act Strengthening the Literacy Coordinating Council
  • R.A. No. 10152 An Act Requiring Mandatory Basic Immunization Services Against Hepatitis-B for Infants
  • R.A. No. 9994 Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2009
  • R.A. No. 7277 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons

Pending Bills at the Senate

  • S.B. No. 3225 Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2012
  • S.B. No. 3309 Orphans Welfare and Protection Act of 2009
  • S.B. No. 3480 Fact Finding Investigation: Disasters and Calamities Due To Storm Ondoy and *Pepeng
  • S.B. No. 3530 Anti Cable Television and Cable Internet Services Pilferage Act of 2009
  • S.B. No. 2127 Automatic Release of Financial Resources for the Youth (SK)
  • S.B. No. 2126 Health Passport System Act
  • S.B. No. 2125 Penalizing Public Officials Who Delay The Release of IRA Allocation For Barangay


PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita

  • Presyo- He called for a decrease in gas prices.
  • Trabaho- "Better education translates to better jobs," Cayetano said. He proposes for an increase in infrastructure spending to create more jobs to resolve problems on unemployment and underemployment. In additional, he promotes education for employment program. He also proposes the allocation of P500, 000 for each province to support small businesses.
    • On his PTK launching, Cayetano detailed the lack of government support on local industries such as fishing, farming, furniture making, and shoe making. In order to help these industries, capital lending program supplementary to the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program should be increased to strengthen existing cooperatives, as well as the newly established ones.
  • Kita- Cayetano, in order to make the country entrepenuer-friendly, wants to stop the need for 5-6 lending by increasing business owners' access to capital.


  • Top Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) 2010 awardee




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