Alamat ng Gubat

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Alamat ng Gubat ( Legend of the Forest) is a novel published in 2004 by Roberto "Bob" Ong.

Main Characters

  • Tong- is a small red crab who is on a journey to find a banana heart with the knowledge that this is the cure for his father's illness. He was asked by his mother Inang Reyna to search for the banana heart and he reluctantly logged out of his Friendster. He likes surfing the web and texting as it was mentioned that he was worrying if he can still buy load. He has a girlfriend named Dalagang Bukid. Along the way he encounters lots of interesting characters and was awakened on what is happening to the land.
  • Pagong- is a tortoise who helps Tong search for the banana heart. He has lots of eggs. He is also slow on the uptake. He takes matters personally if this involves Kuneho.
  • Aso- is a dog who is seen vomiting and swallowing his vomit the entire time that he is in the book. He was also bribed by Tipaklong with vomit and wished for a lot of vomit when he thought he had the banana heart.
  • Kuneho- is a rabbit who thinks he is the king of the forest. He is quite clever when he bribe the Langaws and Aso in order to get the vote of the animals. Although he wished for the welfare of the land when he thought he had the banana heart.


  • Buwaya- is a crocodile who tricked Tong into giving him all his pearls. He swallowed Bibe, Palaka, Kuneho, Aso and Pagong. His crony is Maya.
  • Maya- is a bird who cleans the teeth of Buwaya.
  • Daga- is the sidekick of Leon. He uses his saliva as a tracker. He also growls like a lion.
  • Leon- is the leader of the gang. He controls the others. He teaches Daga on how to growl like a Leon. He tricked Tong into leading him the location of the banana heart.
  • Katang- is a crab who looks exactly like Tong. He is Tong's brother. He holds a grudge with Tong because of what Tong did to him. He also impregnated Tong's girlfriend Dalagang Bukid, Tong's girlfriend. He betrayed Tong to Leon.

Supporting Characters

  • Haring Talangka- is the king of the ocean. He is the father of Tong. According to Matsing he is also as bad as the gang of Leon.
  • Inang Reyna- is the mother of Tong.
  • Bibe- is a duck. She is a vain creature. She usually keeps her white feathers clean. She was swallowed by Buwaya.
  • Palaka- is a frog who thinks that he will be handsome if kissed by Bibe. He stole pearls from the sea and thinks that it isn't stealing.
  • Manok- is a chicken who sells her eggs.
  • Tipaklong- is a grasshopper who convinces the other insects to start a revolution against the Animals. He believes in the rights of the Insects. He has the Langaws as his voters.
  • Langgam- is an ant who doesn't want to start a revolution with the Animals since it will ruin his business prospects.
  • Langaw- mindless creatures who follow Tipaklong but change their loyalties to Kuneho after being bribed.
  • Ipis- an insect who is indenial thinking that he is a butterfly with brown wings.
  • Paru-paro- formerly an Uod but upon transforming in a butterfly he doesn't care about the other insect's concern anymore thinking that he is superior to them.
  • Ulang- is a lobster who does nothing. An animal version of Juan Tamad.
  • Matsing- is an intelligent monkey who gave the banana heart to Tong. He enlightened Tong on what is happening to the land.