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Akap Bata, Inc. (Akap Bata) endeavors to champion the welfare of Filipino families in general and of marginalized Filipino children in particular. Akap Bata, the only child-oriented party-list for the 2010 elections, recognizes that children’s welfare was not truly addressed in years past and thus sees the need for genuine and massive efforts to bring the children’s wide-ranging concerns to the forefront.



Party nominee Dr. Joy Alcantara says that they will advocate legislations that will protect the rights of Filipino children. Akap Bata will strive to address ineffective social services (e.g. health and education), improve child protection programs, and keep an eye on national issues that directly affect the welfare of Filipino children. Akap Bata also plans to push for a foster care bill. Although it is new in the political arena, Akap Bata is determined to make children’s welfare a top priority.

Campaign performance

Akap Bata is an active party-list contender. Before and after being accredited by the COMELEC in January 2010, Akap Bata seriously dealt with children’s interests and called on other political aspirants, most especially the presidential candidates, to stage a comprehensive debate detailing issues concerning children. The party-list also summoned the presidential candidates to lay out their specific and concrete agendas for Filipino children instead of using them in their political ads. The TV political ads particularly, Akap Bata says, cost the presidentiables hundreds of thousands of pesos per airing, which could have otherwise been used for feeding programs that could benefit malnourished Filipino children.

In a February 2010 survey, Akap Bata earned a favorable ranking. It is one of the few party lists that are projected to gain at least one seat in the House of Representatives. Pleased with the result, Akap Bata sees no moment of slacking off during the campaign period, saying that the show of electoral support for their agendas makes them more inspired to serve the Filipino children and initiate actions to improve their well-being.




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