Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI / VOCA)

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The Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI/VOCA) is a non-profit, private organization that supports and promotes the economic growth and development of the society in nascent democracies and developing countries.

Current Projects

  • Afghanistan – Agriculture, Rural Investment and Enterprise Strengthening Program/Incentives Driving Economic Alternatives for the North, East and West program (IDEA-NEW)
  • Angola – PRORENDA
  • Armenia – Water-to-Market Activity
  • Azerbaijan – Enterprise Development and Training Program (EDTP)
  • Bolivia – Community Development Activity Fund (CDAF)/Integrated Community Development Fund (ICDF)/Special Development Activity Fund (SDAF)
  • Colombia – USAID Specialty Coffee Program
  • East Timor – Strengthening Property Rights Project
  • Ecuador – Local Business Development Project/SUCCESS Alliance/Transmar Cocoa Project
  • Egypt – Four Thousand Tons per Day
  • Ethiopia – Ethiopian Coffee Development Program/Food for Progress Program/Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative-Livestock Marketing (PLI-LM)
  • Georgia – AgVANTAGE
  • Ghana – Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement (ADVANCE) Project/Southern Horticulture Zones Project
  • Global – Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project—Business Development Services Knowledge and Practice II (AMAP BDS K&P II)/Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project-Business Development Services (AMAP BDS)/Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project - Enabling Environment (AMAP EE)/Cooperative Development Program (CDP)/Decentralization/Local Governance Strengthening (DLG)/Financial Integration, Economic Leveraging, Broad-Based Dissemination Program (FIELD-Support Program)/Health Private Sector Program/Instability, Crisis and Recovery Programs (ICRP) IQC/Prosperity, Livelihoods & Conserving Ecosystems (PLACE) IQC/RAISE PLUS: Rural & Agricultural Incomes with a Sustainable Environment PLUS/Resources for Cooperative and Association Excellence in International Development Website/SEGIR Financial Sector II: Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform/SEGIR Macro II: Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform: Macroeconomic Policy II/SEGIR Privatization II: Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform/Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA)/Women in Development (WID)
  • Haiti – USAID PL 480 Title II Multi-Year Assistance Program
  • Honduras – Farmer Access to Credit
  • India – Partnership for Innovation and Knowledge in Agriculture
  • Iraq – Access to Credit Project/Community Action Program III (CAP III)/Consultative Service Delivery Program (CSDP)
  • Kenya – Kenya Maize Development Program (KMDP)
  • Lebanon – Agricultural Quality Control and Certification (QCC) Program/Lebanon Business Linkages Initiative
  • Liberia – Agriculture for Children’s Empowerment (ACE)/Land Rights and Community Forestry Project (LRCFP)/Livelihood Improvement for Farming Enterprises (LIFE)
  • Mali – Agricultural Value Chain Initiative/Agriculture Development Systems Activity (ASDA)
  • Middle East and North Africa – Farmer-to-Farmer Program (FtF)
  • Moldova & Ukraine – RAISE PLUS Agricultural Policy, Legal and Regulatory Reform Project
  • Mozambique – MCA Farmer Income Support Project/Strengthening Communities Through Integrated Programming
  • Paraguay – Cooperative Development Program (CDP)
  • Philippines – CoCoPal Program/Sustainable Health Improvements through Empowerment and Local Development (SHIELD)
  • Russia – North Caucasus Rural Credit Cooperatives & Agribusiness Development Program (NC-RCC&AD)
  • Rwanda – FY 2009 Umbrella Monetization Agreement/USAID-funded Ibyiringiro Project/USAID PL 480 Title II Development Activity Program
  • Sierra Leone – Promoting Agriculture, Governance and Environment (PAGE)
  • Sri Lanka – Facilitating Economic Growth Program
  • Sudan – Agricultural Markets and Enterprise Development (AMED)/Building Responsibility for the Delivery of Government Services (BRIDGE) Program/Generating Economic Development through Microfinance in Southern Sudan (GEMSS)
  • Tajikistan – Productive Agriculture Project (PRO-APT)
  • Tanzania – Sustainable Environmental Management through Mariculture Activities (SEMMA)
  • Uganda – FY 2008 and FY 2009 Storage and Handling Agreement with Mercy Corps/FY 2009 Umbrella Monetization Agreement/USAID-funded NuLife Food and Nutrition Interventions Program/USAID PL 480 Title II Multi-Year Assistance Program
  • Ukraine – Grain Warehouse Receipt Program
  • Vietnam – SUCCESS Alliance
  • West Africa – RAISE PLUS Agribusiness and Trade Promotion Program/Ghana – Farmer-to-Farmer Program (FtF)
  • Zimbabwe – Restoring Economic Agricultural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe (REALIZ) Program




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