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Directed by Romeo Candido
Produced by Caroline Mangosing
Written by Romeo Candido
Carmen DeJesus
Ria Limjap
Music by Gerard Salonga
Cinematography Odyssey Flores
Editing by Romeo Candido
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines, Template:CAN
Language Tagalog
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Ang Pamana: The Inheritance is a supernatural thriller from The Digital Sweatshop a Canadian creative production company, and co-produced by Philippine-based company, Powerhouse Creative Content Corporation. Romeo Candido is the director/writer/editor while his wife Caroline Mangosing is the producer and plays Lola (Grandmother) Nena. The movie was filmed in Canada and the Philippines and is having its world premiere at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival and is to be released theatrically in the Philippines in November 2006.

The film is based on traditional Filipino folklore, and mentions creatures such as duwende (dwarfs), manananggal (winged, half-bodied vampires), aswang (blood-sucking monsters disguised as humans), kapre (tobacco-smoking giants).



"Johnny De Jesus is a typical Canadian teen-ager; despondent, rebellious, and has no regard for his family. When the De Jesus-Reyes family gets word that their family matriarch, Lola (Grandmother) Nena has died, Johnny, and his prissy older sister Anna are in charge of representing their parents in Manila for the reading of their Lola’s last will and testament.

Johnny, a first time balikbayan, sees Manila with foreign eyes; from the poorest squatters to the richest of the gated village mansions. Johnny is introduced to his cousin Vanessa, a Manila junior socialite who shares Johnny’s taste for drugs and trouble. At the reading of the will the three grandchildren of Lola Nena are awarded the deed to the family farm in rural Bulacan. A bumpy two-hour ride out of the city, shuttled by their family driver, Dante, they arrive at the 19-hectare property, miles away from the comforts of the modern world. The land is as vast, lush, and teeming with insects’ hum. But things are anything but placid in this provincial landscape.Johnny’s first surprise comes in the form of Tommy, a mentally handicapped man with a seemingly developed third eye, lives on the farm, is also part of the inheritance. Vanessa has a surprise of her own when she takes Anna and Johnny to the secluded field beyond the orchid garden and reveals the marijuana she has planted to be harvested by her obnoxious, rich, prep-school drop out friends, Nicco, Paolo, and drug dealer boyfriend, Ronnie.

Things take a turn when Johnny comes to the reluctant realization that supernatural forces are at work on the land and the folklore that haunted his childhood are real.

First are the sightings of his Lola’s ghost, which Johnny tries to dismiss as drug-induced hallucinations. Is Johnny falling for local superstition in his stoned stupor? Is someone trying to poison them or are there truly Duwendes on the property cursing them. What is the real reason why the local farmers stay away from the property? What is the dark secret that Lola Nena took to the grave and left for Johnny to discover?

Set in Canada and the Philippines, Ang Pamana:The Inheritance is the story of the fears we carry and the ones that refuse to be left behind. Ang Pamana:The Inheritance is a supernatural thriller drawing from age-old Filipino folklore primed to frighten a whole new generation." [1]


  • Johnny de Jesus-Reyes - Darrel Gamotin
  • Anna de Jesus-Reyes - Nadine Villasin. Currently the artistic director of the Carlos Bulosan Theatre.
  • Lola Nena de Jesus - Caroline Mangosing
  • Vanessa - Phoemela Misa Baranda
  • Tommy - Nicco Lorenzo Garcia. Ang Pamana is his third production with The Digital Sweatshop.
  • Ronnie - Victor Neri

The naming of Anna de Jesus-Reyes is inspired by the writer/director/editor Romeo Candido's youngest sister, Anna Candido.

The use of the surname "de Jesus", although a common last name in many countries, is the family name of Carmen De Jesus, screenplay co-writer

Lola means grandmother in Tagalog Filipino


The original theme is composed by the writer/director/editor Romeo Candido. Original soundtrack is also music by Romeo Candido. The rest of the score is by Gerard Salonga, the score is recorded with the Global Studio Orchestra in Manila, Philippines. Samples of the music are available from the official website [2]. Gerard Salonga has worked with artists such as Lea Salonga (his sister) and Martin Nievera. He has also arranged and conducted the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and Manila Philharmonic Orchestra

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