2007 Asian Winter Games

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VI Asian Winter Games

Slogan: Charming Changchun

Nations participating 26
Athletes participating 796 estimated
Events 47 in 10 sports
Opening ceremony January 28
Closing ceremony February 4
Officially opened by Hu Jintao
Athlete's Oath Li Ye
Judge's Oath Yang Jiasheng
Torch Lighter Li Jiajun
Stadium Changchun Wuhuan Gymnasium

The 6th Asian Winter Games were held in Changchun, People's Republic of China from January 28 to February 4, 2007. The Winter Games are a smaller version of the Winter Olympics, a celebration of Winter sports in Asia. This is the second time that China hosted the Winter Asiad; the first was in Harbin in 1996.



Preparation for the games began four years before the event. In the months leading up to the games the preparation was led by the Acting Governor of Jilin, Han Changbin.


Combining the movements of a ski jumper and a short-track speed skater, the emblem of the 2007 Asian Winter Games consists of two Chinese calligraphy strokes. The blue C-shaped stroke calls to mind the first letter of Changchun and represents the city's characteristic as the "city of ice and snow" and "city of science and technology". The bottom green stroke symbolizes peace ("friendship first, competition second") and represents the city's characteristic as the "city of everlasting spring" and "city of the forest". The emblem presents an image of "change with each passing day" and "the hawk takes to the vast sky."


The 2007 Winter Asiad mascot is Lulu, a sika deer, which can be seen around Changchun.


A total of 47 medal events in ten sports were in contention in the Sixth Winter Asiad.

Participating nations

The sixth edition marked the first time that all members of the Olympic Council of Asia sent delegations to the Winter Asiad.<ref>Asian Winter Games open in Changchun</ref> The following are the 26 National Olympic Committees which competed, with the number of competitors they fielded:

The following only sent non-competing delegations:

*Iraq does not appear on the list of participating countries on the 6th Asian Winter Games website. There were also reports before the start of the games that Iraq would not be able to send delegates.


  • Opening ice hockey group matches end largely in mismatches, the largest being Kazakhstan's 38–0 win over the United Arab Emirates.
Opening ceremony
  • President Hu Jintao declared the Games open.
Day 1 (29 January)
  • Ahn Hyun-Soo, three-time Olympic gold medallist in 2006, is beaten in the men's 1500 metre short track by home skater Sui Baoku. Another three-time gold medallist, Jin Sun-Yu, is beaten by fellow Korean Jung Eun-Ju in the women's event.
  • Kazakhstan puts 52 goals past Thailand's goalkeepers in opening rounds of the men's ice hockey.
Day 2 (30 January)
  • Ahn gets disqualified as China win five of six medals in the 500 m short track, a sweep for the women, led by Wang Meng, and gold and bronze for men to Hu Ze and Li Ye.
  • Wang Chunli leads China's charge in the women's cross-country skiing sprint, but Elena Kolomina of Kazakhstan manages to take silver between three Chinese in the four-woman final. Yuichi Onda of Japan beats three Kazakhstanis in the men's event.
  • Lee Kang-Seok wins both races of the men's 500 metres speed skating, ahead of this year's world sprint champion Lee Kyu-Hyuk. In the women's event, world No. 3 Wang Beixing outclasses world No. 2 Lee Sang-Hwa in the women's 500 metres, winning by 0.85 seconds over two runs.


There were six main venues for 47 contested events:

  • Beida Lake Skiing Resort - Alpine skiing, biathlon, freestyle skiing, snowboarding
  • Changchun Wuhuan Gymnasium - Opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, figure skating, short-track speed skating
  • Changchun Municipal Skating Rink - Curling
  • Fu'ao Ice Skating Rink - Ice hockey (men's)
  • Jilin Province Skating Gymnasium - Ice hockey (women's)
  • Jilin Province Speed Skating Gymnasium - Speed skating

Medal count

(Host nation highlighted)

1 Template:Flaglink 19 19 23 61
2 Template:Flaglink 13 9 14 36
3 Template:Flaglink 9 13 11 33
4 Template:Flaglink 6 6 6 18
5 Template:Flaglink 0 0 1 1
Template:Flaglink 0 0 1 1



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